1.  The purpose of the Calvert County Parks and Recreation Youth Soccer League:

a.  To encourage and promote interest and participation in youth sports. The end result being the fullest possible development of health, character and good citizenship of girls and boys.

b.  To instill in all participants, the highest ideals and standards of sportsmanship.

c.  To confine all the activities to the promotion of youth athletics.  Those who participate must do so solely for the pleasure, enjoyment and social benefits derived from the activity.


2.  The Calvert County Parks & Recreation Sports Office will organize  all aspects of the youth soccer program maintain jurisdiction and control over all divisions, coaches, teams and players who enroll in the program.


3.  Any coaches, players or spectators who do not conform to league guidelines can be dismissed from the program.


4.  The use of tobacco products on sidelines before, during and after games is strictly prohibited. This includes spectator area.


Meetings not to exceed three per week

1.  This includes any combination of games or practices Monday through Sunday of the current week.


2.  Practice is to take place on fields designated and or approved by Calvert County Parks & Recreation. 


3.  Practice sessions not to exceed 1 hour and 15 minutes for midget, & freshmen, 1 hour and 30 minutes (non-lighted fields) for all other divisions.  At park fields, all teams must finish in 1 hour and 15 minutes because of other groups coming in afterwards.



1.  The Division of Parks and Recreation will register all players and determine the player registration fee.


2.  No players will be allowed to register after the cut-off date except in cases of emergency or lack of registered participants.


3.  Coaches may register starting May 1 for the upcoming season. Returning coaches in the same division have until June 30 to claim their core team from the previous season.                                                              



The Calvert County Division of Parks & Recreation Sports Office shall be the Director of the soccer program. Duties shall be to organize, supervise and administer  all aspects of the program with the assistance of Soccer Monitors and coaches. The Sports Office shall make any ruling deemed necessary in the best interest of the program.


Conduct:  All conduct violations reported to the Sports Office will be handled on an individual basis. Coaches, managers or players will be informed of their penalties upon receipt of a written or verbal report.


Any and all decisions reached by the Sports Office will be final without further appeal.





DIVISION:      MIDGET         FRESH          SOPH.            JUNIOR   SENIOR   SAS


AGE GROUP: 5-6                7-8                  9-10                11-12       13-14         15-18


YEAR:            07-08              05-06              03-04              01-02        99-00        95, 96, 97, 98                                   


B.  Players must register in the groups designated age by year of birth (exceptions are permitted under ADA guidelines). Children born in 05, 03, 01 & 99, may play up to the next age group with approval from the Sports Office. Children born in 1995 must be High School to be eligible.


C.  Each age group in a division must have a minimum of three to four teams.


D. Team Size: Midgets will have a minimum of seven players, with five on the field, Freshmen & Sophomores a minimum of ten players with seven on the field, Juniors a minimum of twelve players with nine on the playing field. Seniors a minimum of fourteen players with eleven players on the field. SAS will have a minimum of eight players per team with six players on the field.


E. If there are insufficient members of any group to have four teams in the north, central or southern division, that age group will go to a countywide league.


F. Rules not covered previously come under the jurisdiction of the United States Soccer Federation.



Skill Evaluations and Team Selections: All players will be notified by mail or email as to when and where skill evaluations and team selections will be held (exception Midget, Freshmen & Six a Side).


1. Protected Players: Only the children of the head coach and one assistant are protected.  If it is necessary to draft your child, he/she will be chosen in a round decided on by the coaches.  Those coaches who do not want to coach their own children are exempt from this policy.



2.  A player is a member of a core (three or more players) team until he or she graduates from that age group.  The team is defined by the players not the coach. Any core group with less than three players will be placed back into the draft and disbursed among the current teams in that age division.


3.  A player may be released for cause, and placed back into the draft pool. Playing ability does not constitute cause.  The Sports Office must approve the release.  Release may only be done at the end of one season and up until one week prior to the following season’s draft.


4. A first year team that wins their age division must go back into the open draft their second season. This helps to assure parity among the other teams in the division second season.  The team is defined by the players, not the coach.



The soccer season shall be divided into two series: the first part is the regular season series consisting of a round robin schedule and the second part is a single or double elimination tournament to determine the overall county champion in each age group. No tournaments for the Midget or Freshmen Division however they will both receive participations awards.


The Round Robin Series will have each team in a Division playing an equal number of games. Standings are based on points:

WIN:   3 POINTS - margin of victory 6 or goals or less (8 Six a Side).

Note:  Once the goal differential in a game reaches 6 goals, the team in the lead has the option to either remove a player or allow their opponent to add a player.  Once the other team scores a goal, the removed player may be added or the added player be removed.


            2 POINTS      - margin of victory 7 – 9 goals (9 – 11 Six a Side).

            1 POINT          - margin of victory 10 or more goals (12 Six a Side).

TIE:     1 POINT

LOSS:            0 POINTS

Tie Breaking: The following tie breaking procedure for the Regular Season Division Championship will be used.


           1. Head to Head Record

           2. Fewest losses overall

           3. Co-Champions


County-Wide Tournament

Teams will be seeded in the tournament based on their standings from the regular season. The tournament will be broken down into two flights. Flight A will consist of those teams that finished in the top 50% of their respective divisions and Flight B will consist of those teams that finished in the bottom 50% of their respective divisions.  All brackets will be done as to make the tournament balanced for all teams playing in the league. The Sports Office will decide the final seeding for all tournaments.


Tie-breaking system for County-Wide Tournament Games:

1.  One 4 minute overtime period.

2.  One 4 minute sudden death with no goal keepers.

    (each team will remove a player, example 11 v 11 to 10 v 10)

3.  Repeat #2 until winner removing an additional player each OT period (non-championship game).  Teams may go as low as 7 v 7 for 11 a side, 5 v 5 for 9 a side, 4 v 4 for 7 a side and 3 v 3 for 6 a side.

4.  Co-Champions(championship game repeat # 3 once).



A.  All Players must participate in half of each game (including tournament).  Each coach has the flexibility to accomplish this as he or she sees fit. Two recommendations are: Start and play two inclusive quarters or play half of each quarter. SAS players, 30 minutes per game.  It is also recommended that once mandatory play has been accomplished, that coaches continue to give all players additional playing time as each game dictates. Any coach not fulfilling his or her player’s participation requirements will be subject to disciplinary action. 


B.  In the case of a player being ejected from a game, his or her team shall play the remainder of that quarter with one less player (exception SAS). The player ejected may be ineligible to play in the next game depending on the seriousness of the infraction (this will be handled on a case by case basis).


B.  Each team shall be represented on the field of play by a coach, assistant coach or parent assigned for the game.  Any person age 16 and over working with children regardless of the capacity must have a background check completed prior to the start of the season.  These individuals will be issued a coaches ID badge which indicates that they have an approved background check.  This must be worn during games and practices or they will not be allowed to coach. 


Player Equipment

A.  Shirts (provided by Parks & Recreation for a fee of $15.00).

    1. Home Team Blue, Visiting Team Gray

    2. Tournament Play, Higher Seeded Blue, Lower Seeded Gray        

B.  Shorts (color should be the same but is not mandatory).

C.  Socks (color should be the same but is not mandatory). .

D.  Shoes (molded cleats or screw in studs or tennis shoes).

E.  Shin Guards (mandatory). Socks must cover entire shin guard.

F.  Starter earrings may be worn if padded and taped


Game Rules

A. Duration of Games


Midget            8 minute quarters

Freshmen      10 minute quarters

Sophomore   12 minute quarters

Junior             15 minute quarters

Senior            15 minute quarters

Six a Side      30 minute halves 


A match must begin no later than 10 minutes after the scheduled kick-off time (first game of the day only) or the referee will declare a forfeit against the offending team.


B. Player Minimums & Maximums


Midgets                                  5 max - 4 min.

Freshmen & Sophomore         7 max - 5 min.

Juniors                                   9 max - 7 min.

Seniors                                  11 max – 9 min.  

Six a Side                               6 max - 5 min.

Opposing teams are not required to play down.  Each team must take responsibility for their own team and not rely on their competitors to even the odds.  Once committed, each participant in the program and his or her parents should make every effort to attend all games for the benefit of their team.


C. Balls:  A game ball will be provided to each to by the Division of Parks & Recreation at team selections however if both teams agree, they may use a ball of their choice.


Midget Division                    Size 3

Freshmen Division              Size 3

Sophomore Division           Size 4

Junior Division                    Size 4

Senior Division                    Size 5

Six on Six                             Size 5     


D. Substitutions: Unlimited and may be made with consent of the referee, at the following times:


1.  Prior to a throw-in, in your favor (opposing team may sub. only if the team                                    awarded the throw in subs).

2.  Prior to a goal kick, by either team.

3.  After a goal, by either team.

4.  After an injury, by either team, when the referee stops play injured player must be removed      from the game, opposing teams may substitute one for one.

5. At each quarter and at half time.

6. Prior to a corner kick in your favor only. The opposing team may sub in this case only if your team decides to sub.


E. All spectators must remain behind the second sideline on both sides of the field. No one other than the players, coaches and team helpers are permitted between the two sidelines. No person is permitted to stand behind the goal area on either end of the field. 


F.  Midget & Freshmen Division: Each team may have one additional coach on the opposite side of the field.  Opposing coaches should work together when they are on the same side.

Each coach is restricted to one quarter of the field and should not cross the midfield line to coach in his opponent coach’s quarter. Coaches must stay off the playing field and are not permitted to physically assist any player during the course of the game.


G.  Coaches in the Sophomore, Junior, Senior and Six on Six Divisions must stay on the sideline of their team.  Home team will have choice of sideline. Teams and spectators must remain on their own sidelines (opposite each other) during the game.


H. Coaches are not permitted past the top of the penalty box (exception: Midget & Freshmen division).


I. Slide Tackling: Six a Side divisions only.


J. Offsides: All division will use the offside rule with the exception of the midget, freshmen and SAS divisions.  Players may be warned for “camping out” in front of the opponent’s goal.  Players that continue to camp out after being warned by the official could receive a yellow card for unsportsmanlike conduct.


K. Chest Trap: Girls may use their arms in any fashion they choose to chest trap the ball as long as the arms are held closely to the chest.


L. Free Kicks: Whether direct or indirect , opposing players must be 5 yards from the ball in the midget division, 7 yards in the freshmen & sophomore division and 10 yards in all others.


Six a Side Rules

1. Substitutions:  Subs can be made on the fly, the official will allow subs to be taken while ball is in play, provided the coach lets the referee know a sub is taking place.


2. Method of scoring: Each goal shall count as 1 point.  2 points shall be awarded for a goal scored by a female player in those divisions designated as COED.


3. Goalkeepers may not punt, dropkick or throw the ball across midfield. The ball must touch another player or the ground before crossing midfield.  Dropkicks are considered  possession. However, keepers can put the ball on the ground, dribble the ball and kick the ball past midfield.


4.  Off Sides: No offsides however “camping out” in front of an opponent’s goal is unsportsmanlike conduct


5. Goal Kicks: Are taken from the end line and may cross midfield without touching another player or the ground.


6.  Five players must be present to start each game. No less than five players on the field to continue  play. In the event a player is injured or ejected, a sub must take his or her place. If a sub is not available for an injured player, time will be stopped for a 5-minute injury time. If the player is able to continue by determination of the coach and official, the game will resume. If another injury occurs to the team and play has to be stopped, the game will be terminated.  If a sub is not available for a player or players ejected from the field of play, then play will be terminated.


7. Conduct: Profanity and Baiting will not be tolerated under any circumstances. First offense a yellow card will be issued and the player will be set down for 5 minutes (time will run into second half, if necessary). A sub will be allowed to enter the game. If a second offense occurs by the same player, that player shall be red carded and ejected for the remainder of the game. The ejected player may be replaced if enough players are available.  Players may be sent off at any time to “cool off”; time determined by the referee.


8. Duration of Games: Two 30-minute halves/five minute halftime.


9.         WIN    = 3 POINTS - margin of victory 8 goals or less

                       = 2 POINTS - margin of victory 9 – 11 goals

                       = 1 POINT  - margin of victory 12 or more goals

            TIE      = 1 POINT

            LOSS  = 0 POINTS


10. Penalty Kicks: Taken from 32 ft. from the goal line.


11. Note:  Once a team scores 6 goals, they must remove a player. If the other team scores a goal, the removed player may return.


Midget Division

Philosophy:  In order to make the game more fun and appealing at the introductory level, the small sided game was developed.  5 v 5 gives each child more opportunity to play the ball.  More touches means more fun and that’s what we are looking for.  Outside of practice, coaches are encouraged to allow the kids to participate with as little interference as possible.   That means once the whistle blows, let them go and don’t worry about the score. During the game coaches should make notes on what needs to be corrected and work on those items at practice.  Parents should encourage children on both teams and build their confidence with every effort.  With less structure and fewer rules, children are free to play and learn!


  1. Playing Field:  40 x 35 yards, goals six feet wide with a 2 yard goal arc in front of each.


  1. Duration of Games: Four eight minute quarters. Two minutes between quarters five minutes for half-time.


  1. Method of scoring: Goals can be scored from any position on the field except inside the goal arc. This includes kick offs, goal kicks or kick ins from the side line and corner kicks.


  1. Goalkeepers: None


  1. Off Sides: No offside however “camping out” in front of an opponent’s goal is unsportsmanlike conduct.


  1. Starts/Restarts:  At the start of each quarter and after each goal the ball is placed at the center mark and played.  Balls that go out of play (side line only) are awarded to the opposing team with a free kick.  If the ball is kicked over the goal line either a goal kick or corner kick is awarded to the opposing team.


  1. Goal Kicks: Should be placed approximately three yards from the corner flag.


  1. Coaching:  Each team may have one coach on each side of the field. Coaches must stay off the playing field and are not permitted to physically assist any player during the course of the game.


  1. Goal Arc:  Players are not permitted to play the ball inside the Goal Arc. Violation for an offensive player: Goal kick awarded to defensive team. Violation for a defensive player: Penalty kick awarded to offensive team from penalty mark (5 yards from goal line).


  1. Free Kicks:  Defensive teams must be five yards from the ball on direct and indirect kicks.  Free kicks awarded in or near the goal arc must be taken at least five yards from the goal line.


  1. Defense:  The purpose of this program is to score goals.  Coaches must encourage their players to actively defend a player or the ball and not “park” themselves in front of the net or goal arc.


  1. Corner Kick: Will be taken from the corner mark.


  1. Penalty Kicks: Will be taken 5 yards from the goal line directly in front of the goal. All players except the kicker must be 5 yards from the ball in all directions and no player is permitted to stand in front of the ball in order to prevent the ball from crossing the goal line. 


Concussion Policy

It is the policy of the Division of Parks & Recreation to make sure that every precaution is taken when accessing the condition of our young athletes for all suspected injuries and especially concussions. The following list of guidelines has been mandated by the State of Maryland on the subject of concussions. Coaches, parents and players must abide by these guidelines for the safety and wellbeing of all athletes. The following has been mandated by the state.

·         Coaches, parents and athletes must have the opportunity and or resources to receive training.

·         Any player suspected of having received a concussion must be removed from play immediately and is required to have written authorization from a medical professional before the athlete can return to practice or games.

The guidelines as shown in Appendix H will be used when you suspect a concussion has occurred.

All coaches, parents and players should take advantage of the Sport Concussion Management Program as outlined on XLNTbrain Sport. This tool (www.xlntbrain.com).

You may also go to :  http://www.cdc.gov/concussion/HeadsUp/Training/HeadsUpConcussion.html

This website is an online training tool on the basics of concussions.