Officials Condensed Game Rules  

CCPR soccer rules supersede any and all rules established by other organizations and will be enforced as is:

1. Number of Players and minimum to start or finish:

Midget                                                                                                        5                     max/min    4

Freshmen                                                                                                   7                     max/min    5

Sophomore                                                                                                7                     max/min    5

Junior                                                                                                          9                     max/min   7

Senior                                                                                                         9                     max/min   7

High School 11 v 11                                                                                 9                     max/min   7

Opposing team is not required to play down. Starter earrings may not be worn. Jerseys do not have to be tucked in.


2. Duration of Games: No overtimes (tournament only)

Midget                                                                                                                              8-minute quarters

Freshmen                                                                                                                         10-minute quarters

Sophomore                                                                                                                      12-minute quarters

Junior                                                                                                                                15-minurte quarters

Seniors                                                                                                                              15 minute quarters

High School 11 v 11                                                                                                        35 minute halves

Grace period: 10 minutes first game of the day only. Two minutes between quarters. Five minutes at half time.


3. Ball Size:

Midget                                                                                                                     Size 3

Freshmen/Sophomore/Junior                                                                             Size 4

Senior/High School                                                                                                Size 5


4. Home team has choice of sideline. Teams must remain on opposite sidelines during the game with their spectators, all divisions. Spectators must remain behind the second sideline of the field. Only players, coaches and team helpers are permitted between the two sidelines. No person is permitted to stand behind the goal area on either end of the field.


5. Freshmen/Midget Division: Each team may have one additional coach on the opposite side of the field.  Coaches must stay off the playing field. All other divisions’ coaches must stay on their own side. Coaches are not permitted past the top of the penalty box (exception: Freshmen/midget division).


6. Substitutions: At Midfield with consent of the referee:

A. Prior to a throw-in, in your favor (opposing team may sub. only if the team awarded the throw in subs).

B. Prior to a goal kick, by either team.

C. After a goal, by either team.

D. After an injury both teams may sub. One for one.

E. At each quarter and at half time.


7. Slide Tackling: High School 11 v 11 & Six a Side division only.


8. Offsides: All divisions except midget/freshmen and S.O.S.  Players may be warned for “camping out” in front of the opponent’s goal.


9. Chest Trap: Girls may use their arms in any fashion they choose to chest trap the ball as long as the arms are held closely to the chest.


10. Free Kicks: Whether direct or indirect. Opposing players must be 5 yards from the ball in the midget division, 7 yards in the freshmen & sophomore division and 10 yards in all others.


11. Penalty Kicks: From the goal line, Midget 15 feet, freshmen & sophomore 22 feet, junior 27 feet, seniors 36 feet, SOS, 32 feet.


12. Corner Kicks: Are taken from the corner mark in all divisions.


12. Player Equipment Required:

A.  Any athletic shoe with molded cleats are allowed. This includes soccer, baseball/softball, football etc. Screw ins and tennis shoes also.

B.  Shin Guards (must be covered).


13. Uniform: Parks & Recreation Blue/Gray shirts.

1. Home Team Blue, Visiting Team Gray. Shirts do not have to be tucked in.

2. Tournament Play, Higher Seeded Blue, Lower Seeded Gray, same seed, teams at the top of bracket wears blue.


14. Red/Yellow Card:

In the case of a player being ejected from a game, his/her team shall play the remainder of the quarter or half with one less player. Officials may “sit down” any player at any time in order to keep them eligible for the remainder of the game (cool off period). This is an alternative to an ejection (Red Card).


15. Note: Once the goal differential in a game reaches 6 goals, the team in the lead has the choice to either remove a player or allow the other team to add a player.  Once the other team scores a goal, the removed player may return or the added player must leave.


CCPR encourages all officials to contact us at or with any questions or concerns pertaining to the CCPR Soccer program. Please keep us and your assigning commissioner informed of any problems you incur before, during and after games so that we can take appropriate action if and when necessary.