Kids coaching kids for over 60 years: in Fairfax County, Virginia

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League Boundaries for Fairfax Little League

To determine if you are eligible to register for Fairfax Little League, go to the Little League international site ( and enter your address.  

If you live outside the Fairfax Little League boundaries, please do not complete registration. You should first contact the local little league where you live and register to play in that league.

To determine if you are in the National or American League, find the location of your house on the Fairfax Little League map maps (

If you are unable to determine which league you live in, please contact Fairfax Little League by sending an e-mail to:   with the following information and we will help you determine which league you belong to: your name / phone number / child’s name / child's birth date / school child attends / your home street address.