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BARC Youth Center Rules


1.Friday Night Live! (FNL) membership is open to 6th, 7th and 8th graders who reside in the Bel Air Middle School boundary area.  Membership is NOT transferable.

2.FNL hours are from 6:45pm to 9:00pm. FNL will be responsible for members only after they have entered the BAMS building.

3.FNL is open to MEMBERS ONLY.  No guests are allowed.  Sneaking anyone in will result in parents/guardians of both parties being notified, both parties will be sent home, and the FNL member will be suspended from the next event date.

4.Members must be picked up at 9:00pm SHARP!  Anyone remaining at 9:15pm will receive a warning (see Rule 11).  If your child needs to leave prior to 9:00pm- you must come into the event, show proper ID, then sign your child out.  If your child needs to leave prior to 9:00pm with another adult- a note saying so from parent and proper ID from other adult will be required at sign-out.

5.Members are not allowed to go to their lockers under any circumstances.

6.Backpacks, overnight bags and oversized outerwear will be collected at entry and kept safe until dismissal.

7.No kissing, suggestive dancing or other inappropriate display of affection is allowed.

8.Bel Air Middle School Student Dress Code must be followed. 

9.Foul or abusive language is not permitted.

10.Misuse of equipment will not be tolerated.

11.Where a rule violation result is not stated, any member who does not abide by FNL rules will have their parents notified and a one time suspension is possible.  Membership will be revoked upon a second violation.  FNL staff may suspend or revoke any membership at any time for behavior deemed contrary to the purpose and objectives of the FNL Program. 

12.Additional rules may apply as they pertain to a particular activity.

13.Lost or stolen items are the responsibility of the member.



14.Members are not permitted to leave the activity area early unless picked up by an adult (see Rule 4).

15.Rowdiness or disrespect for the staff, chaperones or facilities is not permitted.

16.Inappropriate use of cell phones will not be tolerated.

17.Verbal or physical threats, bullying and fighting are not permitted.



18.Smoking is prohibited at all times.

19.No possession, use, or transfer of alcohol, drugs, or drug paraphernalia is permitted.

20.No weapons of any kind are permitted.

21.No more than one (1) suspension violation is permitted.


  *INCLEMENT WEATHER:  If schools are closed or close early, FNL will be canceled for that date without a refund.  If it starts to snow, freeze, or other weather emergency, please pick your child up as soon as possible*