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La Crosse = Somewhere in Wisconsin, no offiliation to the game whatsoever, though they do play lacrosse there.
Lacrosse = what your son and/or daughter is interested in playing. In fact it is one of the worlds oldest sports, and is the North American continents oldest sport, developed and played by Native Americans. It is also Canada's official sport of summer.

WHEN IS LACROSSE PLAYED? Lacrosse is a spring sport for both boys and girls at the high school and collegiate level.
CYL offers year round programming.

CYL was founded in 2008 by Drew Stevenson, former head coach of Saint Ignatius College Prep and now head coach of Robert Morris University men's lacrosse.  The program quickly developed into a coed, K - 12th grade program offering opportunities to the new through highly skilled player.  Today CYL has over 2,000 annual registrations and the number is growing. 

CYL's Player Rating System (PRS) was introduced for players, parents and coaches to better understand and communicate the developmental process of each player.  Lacrosse is one of the ultimate team sports (at the middle school level and higher, both boys and girls need a minimum of 20 players a team to compete, many times more players are necessary).  The PRS ranks players from the very beginner, or "First Timer," to the "Advanced" and with each level a certain expectation of skill and athletic development is needed to
move on to the next level. To learn more about CYL's Player Rating System, click here.



CYL School
(PRS Levels:) School was introduced in the fall of 2010 to provide more individualized skills training for the game of lacrosse (indoor, climate controlled environment).  Lacrosse is unique that it uses a stick, a long extension of the players arms, to pass, catch, shoot, scoop groundballs and check/defend other players.  The mastery of the stick takes many, many years, and CYL School helps in that development with an individualized approach in small groups to get each player as many touches (ball in and out of stick) as possible in 55 minute sessions. Additionally, for the Junior High and High School level players, strength & conditioning is incorporated into the players curriculum.  A strong, powerful athlete is needed on the lacrosse field, to find our more, visit Develop The Athlete.


Learn 2 Play
(PRS Levels:) L2P programming includes ongoing programs, weekly camps and daily clinics to keep the player progressing throughout the year. Even if the player is currently in another sport CYL welcomes athletes to participate in as little as one hour of programming a week to keep their lacrosse skills sharp.  L2P programming includes games and game like situations for every player.

Chicago Blues
(PRS Levels: ) Blues programming is for the more competitive and advanced thinking player.  Offered to both boys and girls, the Blues programming is quickly gaining ground and becoming a recognized travel program in the greater Chicagoland community and beyond.  The Blues program has traveled to Michigan, Indiana, North Carolina and other locations around the country to compete.  The Blues program is intended for the more committed player and family

CYL offers year round programming but strongly encourages our athletes to play a variety of sports.  If a team is not in your scheduling, then we suggest CYL School or L2P programming that may meet once or twice a week to keep your son/daughter engaged in lacrosse.  Just a few minutes a day on The Wall (see Wall Ball here) or one 55-minute session at School will go a long way towards their lacrosse development.


Post Labor Day through late October

Early November through Christmas

Early January through early March

Early April through late May

Early June through late July

First three weeks of August
Please note, Blues seasons may start earlier or end later than in any given season.
  If you missed tryouts or were unable to attend contact Blues Program Director, Chris Bily,

U.S. Lacrosse Age & Eligibility Guidelines