2012 Sno-King Board of Directors Election

The 2012 Sno-King elections were held Sunday May 6th at Castle Ice.
  • 11:50am-12:50pm...small ice open for free stick and puck
  • 12:45pm -1:45pm Open Buffet
  • 1:00pm-1:45pm Sno-King Award Ceremony
  • 1:45pm-2:45pm General Board Meeting and Elections

Thank you to all that are running and those that have served.

The 2012 Sno-King Board of directors is as follows. 

(in alphabetic order) Click on a name to see their bio.


Keith Rettig

Vice President

Mike Frantz


Board of Directors

Tom Falkner
Jarett Goodkin
Dave Larue
Christian McCarthy
Elina Oda
Dave Pollon
Vick Reddy
Doug Ross
LLoyd Shaw

Candidate Bios

Keith Rettig

My son, Griffin, has been on Mite minors, Mite majors, Ultimate, Squirt minor & majors, and the Tier 2 PeeWee team. Wife, Laura, and I each run our own business(es) and both were educated as Industrial/Organizational Psychologists. Board member of SKAHA for 3 years. Board member of S.O.D.A., the stewards of the off-leash dog areas at Marymoor Park in Redmond and Grandview Park in Renton for 10 years. Previous board member of the Redmond West Little League (VP of Instructional Ball); 3 years
Hope to continue volunteering my systems-thinking abilities and business administration skills towards the success of the organization. Would like to also utilize my technical skills to contribute towards the organization's communications with its membership. Will also be willing to use my professional experience to assist in any HR-related development needs. Generally a good problem solver; which any organization benefits from having more of on the team.

I have had a great time as a board member these last three years. Have done my best to save as much money as we can without sacrificing any of the services and to maximize the return on our assets without selling out the soul of the association. I have negotiated, helped negotiate, or worked on the association’s copier contract, Verizon Wireless' antenna lease, our licensing agreement with the Seattle Thunderbirds. Currently working on AT&T's antenna lease, MoeTown Espresso's lease, our security cameras, and trying to get member accessible game cameras as well.

Plans if become President

Would like to keep providing the strong fudiciary guidance that the board has done over the last few years with the drive to provide a greater value to our members (e.g., a better rink, more benefits, lower fees, etc.). Although the association is a non-profit, we need to continue the strong business-minded approach we have used to make it the strongest it has been in years. I also have great hopes that we can bring our members closer to each other to make a more positive culture so that the association can do even more for our kids.

Regardless if I become president of the board, I also plead with you all to spend more time making the association a better place. This can be done simply by bringing in more members, or by volunteering at the many great tournaments we host, or by talking with your division representative, and by participating on the board itself. As a board member, it has been a great privilege to help guide the association, along with the other board members, and work with our executive director to make SnoKing the best hockey association in the Northwest. I want you to have this same joy and pride in our association, so please join the board (or at least a committee); your time, skills, and effort will be welcomed and greatly appreciated. The board is a great group of people that really care about hockey and about making the association the best it can be. You should be a part of it. . .

Mike Frantz

I am Practice Director of Point B, a Seattle-based management consulting firm founded in 1995 to help local companies solve their most important business problems.   Last year we served over 100 local companies, ranging from small non-profits to Fortune 100 corporations.     Point B associates are also active, hands-on supporters of various charities and youth sports.   I have served on boards ranging from the University of Washington Alumni Association to an aviation startup called Aeris Air.
Inspired by the 1980 Olympics, I began playing hockey as a kid in the youth leagues of Cleveland, Ohio; then on a Japanese high school team in Tokyo; on club teams at the University of Michigan and University of Washington; and now in the men’s leagues in our area.
I coached my son Jamie’s little league baseball team for 4 years, but his true passion is as a Pee Wee goalie for Sno King.  We’ve formed deep friendships with teammates and their families, and have enjoyed the special bond that hockey seems to engender.
In my experience, the attributes of a high performing team, or business, or board are basically the same:  (1) strong commitment to a clear goal, (2) hard work, (3) good collaboration, and (4) the right blend of skills.    We have enjoyed Sno King tremendously and want to help continue to improve it for all the kids who love hockey


Tom Falkner

I am Senior Corporate Counsel at Vulcan Inc.  Founded in 1986, Vulcan Inc. manages Microsoft co-founder Paul G. Allen’s business and charitable endeavors.  I’m also an avid hockey fan and player, who grew-up playing hockey in Canada (Winnipeg, Vancouver, and Ottawa) and continues to play today. 
I’m a big supporter of youth hockey and a huge fan of Sno King.  I’ve been associated with Sno King and helping as a coach since my son, Connor, began Beginners hockey when he was five years old.  Since then, I’ve coached his Mite Minor, Mite, and Squirt teams.  Next season, in addition to hopefully serving on the Board, I hope to again coach Connor’s Squirt team.
My other youth sports experience, includes volunteering to coach Connor’s and his sister’s baseball teams (with Sammamish Little League), and Connor’s soccer team (with Issaquah Soccer Club).

Jarett Goodkin

I joined Sno-King just one month after moving to Washington in 1990 when Bill Audycki asked me to help coach his Squirt A team.  Although I did not have a child in the program, I spent the next 12+ hockey seasons coaching Tier I Pee Wee, Bantam, and Midget teams.  During part of that time, I also served two separate terms as a Sno-King board member.  After stepping away for a few years to focus on my career as an attorney and start a family, I re-joined Sno-King when my son started playing Beginners during the 2010-2011 hockey season.  During this past season, I helped out with the Beginners and occasionally during Mite Minor games when my son moved up to Mites in January.  In the seasons to come, it is my hope to again serve you as a member of the Sno-King Board of Directors.  I hope you will consider my experience as both a coach and former board member when casting your vote.

Dave Larue

My name is David LaRue and I would like to continue to serve on the board here at Sno-King. I've been with Sno-King for approx. 15 years and have had two boys go through the programs here at house and rep. levels. I have coached here at both at the rec. and rep. levels. In 2004 I was voted coach of the year and won the NLPS championship that season also.
I was voted to the board last year and have learned a lot about the running of our program. We have worked hard this year on the board to help advance our programs here at Sno-King, and I would like to help finish what we have started here. There is still
a lot more that I would like to work on in the coming year i.e. Coaching programs, tournaments and the updating of our rinks.
I want to help make our programs the best that there is to offer in hockey. I want to help and make sure our program is here for years to come, I have a grandson here and a granddaughter on the way and I want them to be able to play hockey here at Sno-King. My youngest son Darian is going into his last year as a player here, but I think that he will want to step into a coaching job here after his season is done. So with him and the grandkids coming along I will not be leaving Sno-King any time soon. I would like to stay involved with our programs as a coach and board member in the coming years.

Elina Oda

Dear fellow association members,
I have had the opportunity to meet many of you through my years here at Sno-King as the beginner hockey manager, team manager for several teams, or as the coordinator for our monthly Try Hockey Free Days.  For those of you who do not know me, my name is Elina Oda.
I currently have 2 boys who play hockey.  My oldest son, Nicklas, played on Team Seattle Peewee Minor last season.  My younger son, Brendan, just finished his second year of Mite Major.  My daughter Miikka is getting ready to be our next beginner hockey player.
Over the last 7 years, I have managed the Beginner Hockey Program and worked hard to grow it into one of the largest in the Puget Sound area.  Along with the weekly operations of the beginner program, I also coordinate our monthly “Try Hockey Free” days that allow kids in our area to join us on the ice to see how much fun ice hockey can be.
Along with the tournament committee, I have helped grow our recreational tournaments into profitable events for our association.  In the last 5 years, we have gone from searching for teams to play at our tournaments - to having a waiting list to get into a Sno-King tournament.
This past season, I started a new volunteer program where our Sno-King players have to opportunity to earn community service hours by helping our Beginner players and at other hockey related events for the association.  It’s been great seeing these young players mentor the newer players.  Volunteerism is very important to myself and my family.  I believe it fosters a healthy family and community and builds character.  
Along with all of these “projects”, I also managed the Mite Major Green team and 2003 Mite Development team this year.  I am also your fundraising committee chairperson and helped the auction committee.  
As you can see, I am very passionate about improving things here at Sno-King.  I believe we are very lucky to have a great group of hockey families here and would like to see our hockey community continue to grow.  
I appreciate your time, and would be honored to serve you as a board member.
Thank you,
Elina Oda

Dave Pollon

The Pollons have been a part of the SKAHA family since 2005, when both of our boys (Edward – Team Seattle Bantam Major and Thomas – Team Seattle Pee-Wee Major) enrolled in the Learn-to-Skate and Beginner’s Programs.   For us, hockey started with a winter visit to relatives in Ontario Canada and once the boys saw their cousins skating and playing hockey, they just HAD to get in on the action.   It has been very rewarding for me to experience the boys’ love of the game, and to watch their increasing skill and character development as they progressed over time from House to Travel teams.  I enjoyed serving on the SKAHA board in 2011 and it would be a privilege to be able to continue to give back to the association in this way.   Professionally, my background as a business owner and marketing program manager position me well to serve our various operating committees and to help position SKAHA for continued success.   Thanks for your consideration!

Vick Reddy

I have been a member of Sno-King for 7 seasons now and have two young boys who play for Sno-King at the Squirt and PeeWee (joint program) level. Having moved down from Vancouver, BC seven years ago, I have been surrounded by hockey all my life. I grew up playing recreational hockey and continue to do so in the GSHL. I am also a Sno-King coach (Level 3, Double Goal - PCA) and am actively involved in many programs besides league coaching (3X3, Goalie Clinics, Tournament Teams). While supporting the association on these fronts I have been an active board member for the past two years and have come to learn a lot about how the association is run and how it can be improved.
There are a number of areas that I’m keenly interested in helping improve in our association through my strong marketing and strategy skills. In particular, I've always been concerned about the growth of the game and growth of our young kids, both athletically and as individuals.
I have worked for many non-profits over the course of my career, including 2 years on the board of Sno-King. I have a background in both Marketing and Technology (Bachelor of Business from Simon Fraser University).  
I’ve had the opportunity to observe and understand some of the very different dynamics (to Canada) that our association has to work through. I have many ideas and the background and tenacity to help execute them.
The many Squirt and PeeWee families we know are much like an extended family to us. My own family is a pretty regular fixture at the rink and it is not a stretch to say we are a “hockey family”. 
I am very passionate about this game and the developmental opportunities that hockey and sport in general provides our kids. I would love to help make our association the best it can be through my service to the board.
Thank you.
Vick Reddy


Lloyd Shaw

I am a current SKAHA board member and I have been a part of this association for numerous years. I have 3 son's, one that will play squirt and the other 2 will play in pee wee. I will be coaching the pee wee tier II team and I will help at the squirt level. I was born and raised in Regina, Sask. and started playing hockey from a very early age. I was drafted by the Seattle Thunderbirds in the bantam draft in '92 and moved down to Seattle for the 93-94 hockey season. I played in the WHL for 4 seasons and went on to play in the Anaheim Mighty Ducks system for 3 seasons and the Oilers farm system for 1 year. I currently own a water and fire restoration company in Tacoma.
I am a regular around the rinks during the year, typically having at least one kid playing or practicing each day. We are a hockey family and enjoy our time around the rink. I believe that I have the hockey knowledge to be a valuable asset to the benefit of  SKAHA. Thanks for your consideration.

Lloyd Shaw