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The Gorilla Pit: Off-Ice Workout

Train Your Core and Increase Your Strength After Practice in Our Onsite Gym

The best way to improve your hockey performance is to play hockey. But sometimes we need a little help improving strength or skill in specific areas. Welcome to the Gorilla Pit: the on-site hockey and skating gym at the Boch Ice center. We have brand new equipment that well help you build your sport-specific strength and condition your core.

               Keiser Stationary Bikes

               York Equipment

               Free Weights

               bench press

               leg press

               squat machines

               Iron Wear Weight Vests

               Ultra Slide Slide Boards

               Perform Better Fitness Balls

               Power Plyos Steppers

               Hockey Shooting Range


At the Boch Ice Center you can hit the gym after you hit the ice to work on the hockey and skating specific strength skills that will turn you into a stronger, tougher player.

Off-Ice Workouts are arranged thru Dan Boothby, click here for more info!