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NHL Rink


Boch Ice Center boasts a regulation size hockey rink per NHL ice hockey standards. 

So what are the dimensions of a Regulation Hockey Rink? 
The Boch ice rink measures 200 feet (60.96 m) long by 85 feet (25.91 m) wide and also follows regulatory rounded corners and is surrounded by a wall or the "boards" with a 28-foot radius. The boards have to be at least 40 inches high but can't be beyond 48" high. In the earliest rinks, there was no fencing that surrounded the boards to keep pucks from flying out. Later, chicken wire fencing was attached to the boards to keep the puck in the rink until plexi-glass was developed.

What about the hockey zone lines?  Because this is a regulation rink there are lines painted on the ice to represent the different zones of the playing surface. As with professional hockey rinks are three zones, the neutral, attacking and defending zones, each set off by a blue line. Each blue line is 60 feet from the goal lines, which are 13 feet from the end boards. The center of the neutral zone is divided in half by the centerline. This line is painted red with a 12 inch blue dot in the middle, which indicates the center of the hockey rink.  This rink also doubles as a figure skating rink.

Many hockey teams in the Greater Boston area use our rink.

Zone Rink

Perfect For Skating Practice, Specialized Training, and 3 v 3 Hockey!


In higher levels of hockey, much of the time is spent in half-ice practice drills. This allows the coaches the ability to work with the hockey players in a smaller, more controlled, game simulating situations that might occur in the area. Half-ice practices can have a positive impact on game strategies as well as game structures. Half ice practices also provide great opportunity for skill development, something we all need more time to work on. Practices with the like the hockey and skating instruction we offer develops practices that teach skills through small area games. These games promote fun and skills develop as each player is given ample opportunity to skate, shoot, pass, handle the puck, check and score. Full-size regulation hockey ice can of course accommodate 2 half ice practices allowing players a more intimate skills building experience.