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1.  All teams must check-in 30 minutes before the scheduled game time to fill out the game sheet.  Game sheets will are located at the timekeeper’s booth in the Athletic Facility at The Dexter School.  For non-Dexter games, the timekeeper will have the game sheets.
2.  Unless otherwise indicated below, all games will be played under USA Hockey rules.
3.  All players and teams must be USA Hockey registered
4.  All players must have legal equipment.  All players must wear mouth guards.
5.  Teams must be ready to play 15 minutes before the scheduled starting time.  A three-minute warm-up begins when the zamboni door closes.
6.  All games will consist of three 12-minute, stopped-time periods.  In the third period, running time will be used whenever the goal differential is five or more. One, thirty-second timeout per team per game. 
7.  Playoff advancement will be based on points.  A 6 Team Division: The team with the most points will play the fourth placed team while teams ranked 2 & 3 will play each other. The winners will play a final game.  If applicable: 4-5 team divisions will play a four game round robin format with the top two teams playing for the Championship.
8.  During round robin play, teams will earn two points for a win, one point for a tie, and no points for a loss.   Teams will advance based on the total number of points earned during round robin play. Standings will be kept at the Athletic Facility at The Dexter School.  For tiebreaking purposes only, teams will earn two “period” point for each period won and one “period” point for each period tied.  At the completion of round robin play ties will be broken using the following criteria:

     a.  Head-to-head competition
     b.  Most “period” points for periods won/tied
     c.  Fewest goals allowed
     d.  Fewest penalty minutes
     e.  Whichever team scored their first goal earliest in their first game
     f.   Coin toss
In the event of a three way tie, the above rules will be applied until there is a clear winner. For the remaining two teams 
the rules will be applied starting back up at criterian "a".

9.  Overtime will be played only in semifinal and championship games.  Overtime will consist of one five-minute, sudden-death period (the first team to score wins).  In overtime, both teams will play with three skaters and a goalie.  If a penalty is called on a team, the other team will add a skater.  After the penalty expires, teams will skate four per side until the next whistle and then return to 3-on-3.  No team will play with fewer than three skaters.
10.  If the game remains tied after overtime, the game will be decided in a shootout conducted as   follows:
     a.  Each team will designate three shooters prior to the start of the shootout. The “Visiting” team will shoot first. 
     b.  Teams will alternate shooters until all three skaters for each team have shot.  The team scoring the most goals during the shootout wins the game.
     c.  If the game remains tied, each team designates three different shooters, and the process is repeated until a winner is determined.
     d.  If one team has fewer skaters than the other, the last 3 girls shooting will participate again, and again, until   the other team has run through all their players.
     e.  Once all the skaters on the team with the greater number of skaters have participated in the shootout, both teams may re-designate shooters.
11.  Any player engaging in fighting will be ejected from the game and the tournament.
12.  Any coach receiving a game misconduct will be ejected from the tournament. 
13.  Referees may forfeit the game of a team guilty of misconduct.  Any team forfeiting a game will be ineligible for the championship game.
14.  Penalties shall be served as follows:
     a.    Minor Penalty:  1.5 minutes           d.    Game Misconduct: Ejection plus game suspension
     b.    Major Penalty:  4 minutes              e.    Second Game Misc: Ejection from tournament
     c.    Misconduct:     6 minutes               f.     Fighting: Ejection from tournament
15.  No artificial noisemakers (whistles, horns, air horns, cowbells, etc.) will be permitted at any tournament games.
16.  The first team listed on the schedule is the home team.  The home team wears white, and the visiting team wears colors.