RCYS is a youth sports program operated on Christian values. Our goal is to provide a safe environment for families that they may enjoy sports and fellowship through various sports. RCYS is a non-profit ministry of Bethel Chrisitan Church.

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NOTE:  Any player who misses evaluation day tryouts, must complete the Online Evaluation Form which requires a $25.00 fee PRIOR to being placed on a team.  Our program is dependent on Evaluation Scores.  We cannot emphasize enough, how important it is that your child comes to evaluations. Children who MISS evaluations run the risk of not being placed on a team. Starting in 2022, we will be much stricter about attending evaluations than we have been in the past.

Evaluation Day:
Is the day in which we "try-out" all the children. They will get an opportunity to hit, run, throw, and catch. We have league representatives on each field who evaluate each child and assign an overall score. Our staff uses those overall scores in an effort to create teams that are "balanced" with respect to skills and athletic abilities. Coaches do not get to pick their teams. That is handled directly by our RCYS staff. It is our greatest intention to create teams (by age division) that are as balanced as possible.

What to Bring?
The only equipment that your child needs to bring with them is a ball glove and the appropriate footwear. Cleats are preferred by many players, but tennis shoes are fine too. Try to avoid shoes that have a smooth sole - including worn out tennis shoes.

What Kind of Glove?
We use 11" softballs for all age divisions. Division 5 (boys and girls ages 15-17) will also be fielding a 12" softball - as the boys hit 12" balls in division 5, while the girls hit 11" softballs in Division 5.
SO...if you are buying a glove, buy a glove designed for use with 11" softballs (12" softballs for boys and girls 15-18).

What about Helmets, Bats, Balls?
As mentioned above, all your child needs to bring to evaluations is their ball glove and they need to wear the appropriate clothing. We have Bats, Balls, Helmets, etc... on the fields for evaluations.

How Long Does it Take?
Once you get through the registration line (required even if you register online), your child will get in line at the appropriate field. Once your child is on the field, their evaluations only takes about 2 - 3 minutes. I've seen people come to the park and leave 10 minutes later. I've also seen people come and have to wait in line about an hour. It depends on when you arrive at the park. Most children are finished with their evaluations within 20 minutes, while a smaller percentage are in the park an hour or so before getting to leave.