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Codes of Conduct
...our players and coaches reflect our program; how we act really does matter


Enclosed here are our Fort Hunt Rugby codes of conduct for coaches, players and parents/spectators.  Everyone should read these, understand these, and abide them.  We’ll go over them at practices, too.

For our summer recreation program, we do not require players to sign a code of conduct (coaches do), but we do expect that all players, coaches, and parents/spectators be aware of their contents, and abide by them fully.

High School

For our spring U-19/high school program, we require both players and coaches to sign their respective codes of conduct.  Players who do not sign a code of conduct will not play.

High school players must be aware that in many instances well away from the playing field they represent Fort Hunt Rugby, and must comport themselves as to not bring shame or embarrassment on themselves, their families, or Fort Hunt Rugby.  This includes the use of banned substances, school and public behavior, academic performance, and offensive/objectionable online postings.

High school players in violation of the player code of conduct can be subject to:

  • Informal one-on-one player-coach counseling (at training or a match)
  • Formal counseling and consulation with the player and his/her parents and/or written admonition
  • Suspension from traing and play
  • Dismissal from the Fort Hunt Rugby high school program


Rugby Virginia Codes of Conduct
...the documents for our higher-ups

Click here to see the Rugby Virginia code of conduct for players and coaches.

Click here to see the Rugby Virginia parents’ code of conduct.