Farmington Sports Arena (FSA)

FSA is a 130,000 Square foot indoor sports facility nestled on over 75 acres conveniently located off of Route 6 in Farmington CT.

FSA (indoor facility) includes (4) 33 yd x 66 yd “Field-Turf” indoor non-boarded soccer fields.

FSA Park (outdoor facility) includes (3) 72 yd x 115 yd "Field Turf" outdoor fields and (4) 72 yd x 115 yd natural grass outdoor fields


Driving Directions



Farmington Sports Arena Turf Field Rules

1. Footwear - No metal spikes or cleats. Only molded plastic, rubber cleats (maximum of 1/2" spikes), turf shoes or flat-soled athletic shoes (sneakers, running shoes, etc.).

2. All athletes must clean their spikes from dirt and debris before entering the field.

3. No food, chewing gum or candy allowed on the field (including sunflower seeds).

4. No smoking or tobacco products allowed.

5. No glassware or glass bottles of any kind are allowed within the field.

6. No soda or Gatorade type drinks (only water) are allowed within the field.

7. No spitting on the surface of the synthetic field.

8. No alcoholic beverages.

9. No compressed air horns are permitted.

10. No vehicles of any kind on the field, including bicycles.

11. No pets allowed in the complex.

12. No golfing.

13. No throwing javelin, shot put, hammer, discus or any other such equipment.

14. The area is to be left the way it was found. Remove or replace equipment as necessary.

15. Do not puncture the turf surface for any reason (ex. corner flags, goals, anchors, team banners, shelters).

16. All trash and debris (athletic tape, etc.) must be placed in trash barrels. All teams must police their areas following use.

17. All gates must be locked when leaving the facility.