Greater Manassas Baseball League is a volunteer organization serving the youth of the Cities of Manassas, Manassas Park, Prince William County, Fauquier County, Clifton and Centerville.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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2. How can I find general information about the GMBL? 
If you do not see what you are looking for on our website, fill out our feedback form or contact a member of the Board of Directors.

3. How will I know if our game has been cancelled due to weather?
Call your manager or check our web site.  We will update the information as quickly as possible.

4. I'd like to manage or coach a team. How do I get started?
Managers and coaches must apply the same way that players do. Go to the registration area of our web page and look for manager coach applications. Managers and coaches are selected based on the number needed for that league and the qualifications of those who apply.  All coaches must be Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken Certification which is an online course.  Information can be found on the GMBL website.

5. How does the league protect children from managers or coaches who may have criminal records?
The League requires EVERY manager or coach to have a Virginia State Criminal Background Check (CBC) and a Sex Offender Registry Check. New managers and coaches must submit their application and show proof of mailing to their Commissioner within two weeks of the manager coach approval meeting. If managers and coaches have a CBC/SOC on file with the league, it is good for 3 years, then must be redone. This is a requirement according to our Bylaws and Babe Ruth Headquarters. 

6. I have a complaint involving the team, league or something else, what do I do?
Here is the process to get your complaint addressed. a. First talk with your Manager and enlist their help in resolving or addressing the issue. b. If you are not satisfied, contact the Commissioner in your league and see if they can help. c. Still not resolved? Put your complaint in writing and address it to the Board of Directors. Once the Commissioner has the complaint in writing, they are required to tell the Executive Board and then brief the full Board on the issue and resolution at the next monthly meeting. It is very rare that the manager or commissioner cannot resolve an issue.

7. How old does my child have to be to play in the Greater Manassas Baseball League?
The minimum age is 4 years old by April 30th of the playing year. Use the age chart to determine your child's 2018 league age. For example, if I have a child that was born in February 2008, they are league age 10 for the 2018 season.  The age chart is located on the menu bar on the left hand side of the page.

8. My child plays in GMBL, when do they move up to the next higher level (Rookies, Minor A, Minor AA, Majors, Babe Ruth or Senior Babe Ruth)?
The league is designed to have players move to the next level in the Fall season.

9. My child thought they would like to play baseball and we registered them in GMBL. Now we are two games into the season and he/she has decided they don't want to play. Can we get a refund?
No, the League policy is that there are no refunds after the first official game of that team.   See our leagues Refund Policy on the Registration Page.

10. I registered my child for baseball in January-February and here it is March and I haven't heard anything.
The Coach has 3-days to contact you once that League's draft is held. Look at our CALENDAR for the specific dates of our drafts (except for t-ball). The Blastball/T-ball Commissioner assigns players and will give the teams to the managers who will call.

11. How does the registration process work?
Below is the registration process. 
a.Parents may register and pay online or print out a registration form and send it in to the GMBL P.O. Box with payment attached.
b. The GMBL Treasurer takes the registration fee, marks the player "paid" and passes the registration to the Registrar. If payment was not attached, the Treasurer keeps the registration until payment is received.
c. If the payment has been made, the registration  is passed to the registrar for entry into the GMBL database. Once in the database, the player is ready for the draft or return to the previous team as appropriate.
d. The draft schedule is posted on our calendar. Once drafted, the team manager will call the player (or parents) within 3-days of the draft. 
e. Players are accommodated in the order they apply. If we end up with an odd number of players (not able to make a complete team) then we will have a waiting list for that league. The registrar will hold the waiting lists for each league and as the Commissioners request players; the registrar will give them the next person on the waiting list. The manager will call the player's parents within 3-days.

12. How do the drafts work?
The Blastball/T-ball draft is a simple assignment by the league administration. All other leagues are drafted after tryouts.
For more details, see the By-Laws addendum - Try-outs and Draft

13. My child played in the League last season and we would like for him/her to player on a different team next season. Can I request a different team for next season? Or am I stuck on this team? 
GMBL does not allow Do Not Draft requests or Team Requests.   Teams are reformed each season for all divisions, we encourage communication with coaches regarding interest in playing with them again for an upcoming season.  ie- your child would love to play for them again in the future or advise them you would prefer your childe experience a new coach as kids learn different things from playing with different coaches.

14. Can I request that my child play on a certain team?
The only league that can usually accommodate these requests is Blastball/T-ball since there isn't a draft and the commissioner assigns the players. Also, the Blastball/T-ball league is purely instructional and they do not keep scores or standings so there is no danger of "stacking" a team. The other leagues keep score and standings so it is possible to stack a team with star players in an effort to have a winning season. While we realize that this motivation is rare, we must protect the integrity of the league.   Even in Blastball / Tball we limit the number of requests per team and insure even distribution of players of different ages is on a team.

15. My child has never played baseball (or hasn't for a long time) and I am afraid that they will not be able to keep-up with their age group. Can they play in a lower league more commensurate with their skill level?
In some instances, we allow players to play-down one level below where they would normally play due to safety reasons.  All players will be evaluated by VP of Baseball or Softball to determine if a play down/up one division can be accomodated.   The league must protect all players in the league.   We find most kids prefer to play within their age appropriate division and with their peers.  

16. I have sent in my registration, but I have heard nothing. Where can I find out if it has been received?
Email GMBL Registrar at  your question. The Registrar will verify that your application has been received.  Please note, teams are not formed until late March or late August pending the season.  You will not hear anything prior to being placed on a team.

17. Why do you have tryouts? I thought everyone who signed up got to play?
All of the children who sign up will be assigned to teams, up to the limit of the roster size. The tryout process is used to evaluate the players skill level for draft purposes. This is intended to help balance the teams and provide more parity throughout the leagues.

 18. How long does the season last?  (Practices/Games/etc...)?
SPRING/SUMMER - Drafts typically take place during mid to late March with a few weeks of practices immediately following.   The season usually starts aroung mid-April thru end of June.  An end of season tournament maybe played if time allows immediately following the regular season games in Rookie divisions and up.  Regular season averages 10 game schedule.
FALL SEASON - Drafts typically take place during mid-August with two weeks of practices.   The season typically starts on the Wednesday following Labor Day and runs thru end of October.  In the Fall, there is no end of season tournament for Rookie Divisions and up.   The league will host an All-Star game and Home Run Derby in the Fall.  Regular season averages a 10 game schedule.