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Dear Players and Parents,

Over the course of our coaching careers we have noticed a significant change in the recruiting process.  It has become extremely competitive for each athlete to get recognized during their high school and summer seasons.  Being that College coach's can not be at each field or every game, we notice they tend to target the players that contact them.  Although this process is not 100% guaranteed/accurate in our dealings with the College coaches it has been extremely beneficial. 

In addition, as coaches of players it is our job to help facilitate the recruiting process and create amble opportunities for our athletes to get the looks they deserve.   A creative way to showcase an individuals skill set is through compiled game footage.  Furthermore, as a coach we need to teach our athletes how to be proactive and aggressive toward their goals. 

We believe that using a video is a great way to help with your recruiting process.  We have attached a few highlight reels of some of our current GREEN/GOLD players.  Take a minute to view each video and decide if this is something you would like to do.