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Matrix Tops in Potomac Valley AAU District with
11 Medals, Including Three Gold Medals

 Congratulations to the following Matrix teams that earned a Potomac Valley leading eleven medals:

Medal Team Grade Division Coach
Gold 2016 Black 7 I Phil McConnell
Gold 2017 Green 6 II Clay Buckley
Gold 2019 Black 4 I Liz Reed
Silver 2017 Black 6 I Dave McRae
Silver 2018 Green 5 II Brian McNicoll
Silver 2019 White 4 II Kenneth Gregory
Copper Matrix Thunder 10 I Marcus McKinney
Copper 2016 Green 7 II Chaz Hazzan
Copper 2017 White 6 II Vint Davis
Copper 2019 Green 4 II Adair Hatch
Copper 2020 Black 3 I Brien Morgan

Click here to visit the Potomac Valley AAU Girls' Basketball website for a list of all medal winners.

Congratulations Matrix players!