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We use in-house officials in grades 2nd - 8th.  Our officials are from our own neighborhoods that have classroom and hands on training which requires taking a test at the end of their training.  We encourage youth and adults to take our training and participate in our league as officials.  We require that everyone despite skill level or time in officiating have a refresher course prior to the season start.

These people are not professionals, but do receive compensation for their work.  There is a pay tier along with reviews and critics.  The rules differ for age divisions so these officials need to be current with those rules.  Each age group division commissioner has the ability to alter some play rules according to over skill level for their particular division to ensure safe and educational play of the game.

Referees for high school divisions are Cardinal officials and paid professionals, therefore they should be held to a higher standard than some of the paid referees in earlier grade level games that are new to referring. It is expected that there should be full enforcement of rules at this level. 

All referees in all divisions are expected to apply rules fairly and to treat all players, coaches and parents with respect. Therefore, during the game the referee has total control of the gym and may eject any parent from the gym for loud and obnoxious behavior which detracts from the play of the game. All coaches, parents and spectators are expected to demonstrate good sportsmanship by refraining from harassment of referees and the players from opposing teams.

 If referees are late, the game will start as soon as they show and a running clock may be used to get back on schedule.  Please report poor referee performance, especially if the referee insults or berates or uses foul language to a player, parent or coach, that referee should be immediately reported to Gary Sauer, at  .


If you would like to become an official for NFC Basketball please contact Gary Sauer at the above email address.