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Welcome to NFC Basketball

We welcome children ages 6-18 or grades 2nd through 12th to participate in our basketball program.  They are from all over Northern Virginia and Loundoun county.  We want to have a program where all children feel comfortable and provide a level of play for all ages and skill levels.

We especially welcome volunteers and input from parents, guardians, etc.  Our aim is to run a league that caters to the needs of the community which produces players that know the game and have a good time while playing.

All parents must do the following:
  • Please read the Code of Conduct for both participant and parents/guardians.  You will find it under FORMS.
  • Register as a VBD and give that certificate number to your child's coach once placed on a team.  This is also under FORMS.
  • Be sure you get your child to practice and games on time and let the coach know if your player will be absent for any reason. 
  • Volunteer to be a Coach, Assistant Coach, Team Parent, Score Keeper or Timer



Parents/Guardians are very important to our program as they are an example for our children in personal conduct, which includes helping them understand winning and losing, and in teaching good sportsmanship. NFC expects parents to act as role models for their own children, and for other children in our program.  When it comes to dealing with officials, teammates, other parents and fans we expect our parents to act appropriately.  Parents are expected to show restraint and to never challenge officials or other parents during NFC Basketball games and activities.


NFC does not allow participants to request coach's nor teammates.  However, exceptions for participants in 2nd - 4th grade will be made by placing children on teams with others from their school.  There is a place in the registration form called special requests and these will be considered when drafting players to teams.  This is also the place to tell NFC if your child CANNOT practice on particular nights, i.e. Billy has piano on Tuesday nights.

From 5th grade on up we do not accept requests of this kind. Because these are the more competitive divisions, we make every effort to keep the talent and skill even amongst the teams and placing two #1 draft choices on a single team is discouraged.  Unless there are enough #1's to go around twice for each team. 

NFC's refund policy is very specific and it is the parent's responsibility to request refunds within the appropriate time frames outlined in our registration summary.

Please send an email to for any dispute resolutions, input, requests, concerns, etc.  We like to hear positive things as well as address issues that need attention from the NFC Board.