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VOLUNTEER BUILDING DIRECTOR:  Fairfax County requires that gym use be monitored by a Building Director.  We keep costs down by having our own VBD in house rather than paying a fee to Fairfax County for providing a VBD at every gym for practice and games.

NFC Basketball requests that every parent whose child is participating in basketball become a Building Director.  A Building Director's duties include monitoring the gym. Every coach and assistant coach and age group commissioner is required to be a VBD.  By having each parent be a VBD we save the league from having to pay the county to provide a VBD at each practice and each game and we provide the coach/assistant coach with a service by helping monitor the gym so they can concentrate on teaching the kids.

Fairfax County Youth Sports Scholarship ProgramFairfax County provides sports scholarships for children who live in Fairfax County and receive government assistance. There are requirements to qualify for this program.

Waiver Request - House:  NFC Basketball establishes a budget based on the needs of the league and the costs associated with running the sports program. NFC Basketball expects all families to pay the fee set by the sport.  However if you do not qualify or meet the criteria for a Fairfax County scholarship and your family is facing financial hardship we offer a waiver of fees to allow children to play basketball.