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Pink The Rink a Huge Success!



Our third Annual Pink The Rink games to benefit breast cancer awareness were held on February 3, 2012 and were again a huge success on many levels.  We have definitely started a great tradition!  The publicity and advertising leading up to the game were wonderful and thanks go out to the extra help from Rick Hager and Steve Hausmann (Entercom Radio), as well as Dylan Bronson’s sports marketing team for the creation of posters and radio spots. A Tshirt Design contest was held again this year with the winning design created by Sutherland sophomore Sophie Weiner and showcased on the commemorative Tshirt.  The runner up design by Sutherland junior Cesar Neri was used on a colorful Pink Zone banner.
There were 1500 tickets sold to the games -an increase of 300 over last year!  The evening went off without a hitch and all events ran smoothly.  There was great student involvement at the high schools during the week of the games and at the games themselves.  Pink Tshirts were everywhere.  The University of Rochester pep band joined the festivities for the second year and added so much to the excitement.  Over 450 foam pucks were sold for the chuck-a-puck contest with the grand prize being an authentic Pink the Rink hockey jersey. There was DJ music, live anthem singers, great announcing by Joe Agostinelli  and also great support from the Fairport hockey teams and community.  Many Pittsford Hockey alumni attended as well as hockey fans unrelated to Pittsford.

The final numbers are complete and Pittsford Hockey raised $6500 to donate to the Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester from admission proceeds, spirit wear sales, chuck a puck sales and game day donations.  In addition the Pittsford Power Play on Cancer continues-to date pledges and donations to the American Cancer Society on behalf of Pittsford Hockey total about $4000! Both Varsity and JV teams are strong on the power play goals, with a combined goal count of 32 so far this season.
I am very proud of our players and coaches for their efforts on and off the ice to make this fundraising season such a success.

On behalf of Pittsford Hockey I want to thank all of you for supporting these games by sponsoring jerseys, donating your time, forwarding information to hockey fans, showing up to cheer and just plain getting in the spirit!

As you know, this is an annual event.  Our pink jerseys and socks are stored to use every year.  The 14 sponsor patches from this year and the 28 from previous years will remain on the jerseys forever.   I hope that each year we can add some more, so if anyone is interested in sponsoring a jersey feel free to contact me at .

Again, thank you for making this a truly successful and fulfilling fundraising adventure.

Celeste Frohm
Friends of Pittsford Hockey, Inc.
Pink The Rink chairperson