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Lax For the Cure 2014
Over 170 Teams competing to be the best on the field.
But more importantly over 3400 Athletes playing to find THE CURE

The Lax for the Cure tournament directors request that we set a goal to raise at least $50 per athlete to donate to Susan G. Komen.
With your help we can help to find a cure!

Lax Fundraiser pages are now live! Click on your team below to donate.

Suggestions for fundraising...

If each athlete asks 10 people for $5  you can hit your goal in no time!!

Ask Mom, Dad, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Neighbors, Co-workers etc. 

Put a collection jar in a local SMALL business (NOT large retailers they wont allow it)

Sell Lemonade

Sell snacks after your spring lacrosse games

Ask local businesses if they have small grants

Ask friends on Facebook or create a Facebook Event page