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Kenneth Gregory
2019 Green Team/6th Grade

Kenneth Gregory, Head Coach
2013 Matrix 2019 Green
General Background.  Kenny was born and raised in New York City, a few blocks away from the well known Rucker Park. He love of basketball came early as he played 11U and 12U basketball for one of the most winning AAU programs in the country, the Riverside Hawks. He also played cyo middle school and HS basketball for Corpus Christi(NY) and St Francis Xavier, where he played against NBA players such as God Shamgod and Felipe Lopez, both who spent time on the Wizards.

Kenny Gregory not only played HS basketball, but ran track, played football, and was on his nationally ranked high school rugby team. Although he wanted to play college basketball, he was offered a scholarship for football at Howard University.

Coaching Experience.  This is Coach Gregory's second year with the Matrix.  In 2011, he led his 2019 White team to a 7th Place finish at 4th Grade Division 2 AAU Nationals.  He also coached two Matrix 5th Grade teams in fall league in Fall 2011.  Currently, he is serving as the assistant coach for the Annandale 5th Grade Division 1 girls county team.  Also, not only has Coach Gregory been a camper, he has been a counselor/ coach at the oldest basketball camp in the country, Pocono Invitational. He has since coached U10, U11, and U12 soccer, served as an assistant coach for the Potomac Valley Track club, ages 8-12, and coached CYO girls basketball for several different grades.

Coaching Philosophy.  Coach Gregory emphasizes a work harder, play smarter mentality. He has a defense wins championship mentality, and believes that playing great defense and doing the little things other players don't do builds confidence which molds great all around players.  Coach Gregory’s motto:  “Hard work beats natural skill when natural skill doesn't work hard.” 

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