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 Waiver Request - House

NFC Basketball establishes a budget based on the needs of the league and the costs associated with running the sports program. NFC Basketball expects all families to pay the fee set by the sport.  However if you do not qualify or meet the criteria for a Fairfax County scholarship and your family is facing financial hardship we offer a waiver of fees to allow children to play basketball. To qualify for this fee waiver the family must do the following:

1.  Fill out the waiver request form.  Adobe PDF file Waiver Form.pdf  - NFC Basketball Waiver Form
2.  NFC Basketball recommends parents become a Volunteer Building Director.  Please return to the HOME page and go under the tab at left titled Building Director Info and read the instructions and take the test. 

3.  Mail your request form and VBD certificate to NFC Sports, P.O. Box 260, Herndon, VA 20172.  We will evaluate your request and be in touch regarding potential waiver assistance.

4.  Your child's registration will not be complete until this form is received and reviewed by NFC Basketball.          Once you are given waiver acceptance, register your child(ren) on line.  If you do not have a computer go to your local public library or to another location where you can use a computer.
  If you need assistance and require a paper registration, please call 703-437-9229.