What is the mission of the Warrenton Youth Soccer Club? The founders of WYSC created the league as a place where children of all ages and abilities could learn about sports while having fun. The emphasis is on learning, teamwork and sportsmanship.

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Warrenton Youth Sports Club Field Use Rules

Program Primary Contact: Melissa King at mking  or by phone at (540) 905-1217

Anchored Goals are a Serious Safety Concern

It is critical that all soccer goals must be anchored at all times. Whether you're playing or practicing, unanchored goals are a tremendous safety hazard that can have fatal results.  An improperly secured goal may tip and cause serious injury or death.

To ensure a goal is properly secured, all goals for U8 and above fields must be secured with at a minimum two (2) anchors - one on either side.  Additional anchors can be found at the shed at the Athey Complex should they be needed.
Help Us Take Care of Our Field Equipment

To help preserve the investment we've made to provide quality field equipment for our players and families, please do not allow children to hang from the crossbar of a goal, pull on or hang from the net, or lay on the back of the net. Also, please do not allow children to play with corner flags. While they’re fun to pull down and watch pop back up, they can seriously hurt an unsuspecting bystander. They also sell for over a $100 per set, so please help us make them last!
Fan Lines Ensure Safety and Visibility

During games, please remind all spectators to remain behind the fan lines and within the designated specator area (generally from penalty box to penalty box.)   Players, coaches, and officials are the only people who should be on the field side of these lines. This buffer between the field and our families and fans creates a safer environment for our players, officials, coaches, and spectators.  

Staying behind behind the parent lines also guarantees that all spectators can see the entire pitch, from corner-to-corner. This practice also helps Warrenton Youth Sports Club avoid excessive traffic and minimizes wear on the playing surface.
Move All Equipment Away from the Field

For safety's sake, please do not allow players to leave water bottles, balls, equipment bags, etc. close to the touch lines of the fields.  Please have them move these items back and away from the field, preferably near the player's bench areas, so that no player, official, or coach will step on them.
Players and Spectators On Same Side of Field

With the exception of Old Dominion Soccer League (ODSL) and Washington Area Girls Soccer (WAGS) travel games, both teams and their spectators are to take side-by-side positions on the same side of the field. They should all occupy the side of the field that has a "parent" line.  These sidelines will always be to the outside of our fields to prevent excessive wear on the playing surface for future seasons.
No Coaching or Spectating from Behind the Goal

Spectating, or coaching, from behind any goal line is prohibited.  If you are trying to get a photo, please stay well back of the field, as to not distract the goalie.
Practice Only When and Where You Are Assigned

Teams are only allowed to practice when (day and time) and where (location and field) they are assigned.  Teams using any field for which WYSC has not granted them a field permit, or using a field on a day and time for which WYSC has not granted them a field permit will lose their team’s practice field assignment.  It will be the responsibility of the coach to secure a field for their team for the balance of the season. (Good luck if you’re looking for one in Warrenton on a weekday!)
Teams found to be using the fields at Athey without proper permission from WYSC will lose their slot at Athey for the balance of this season, as well as the next season for which the coach registers.  If a team stays intact, but changes coaches prior to the next season, the team will not be given an opportunity to practice at Athey – even with a new coach.  Teams who commit subsequent violations risk further sanctions up to and including game forfeitures.
"Pack It In; Pack It Out!"  

Please remember to police up your trash at all practice and game venues!
Changing Practice Locations or Times

If you would like to change your practice day and/or time (even if it is only for one week,) please send a request to mking@wysc.org.  We will review all of our open field permits and make every effort to accommodate your change. If your team has a weekday practice rained out (or coach’s travel, etc.), we have secured a few field permits around Fauquier County for Saturday morning.  We may also have some spare space on weekdays.  Please send a request to mking@wysc.org for a makeup assignment.