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Dear Parents,

The NCHS Winter Strength and Conditioning program begins on January 4, 2016. One of the keys to the success of the NCHS Athletic program over the years is our significant number of multi-sport athletes. During the past few years many of our most dedicated athletes have been conflicted by different off season workouts. In fact some athletes have tried to do both because of their commitment to multiple sports. We have come up with a solution to this problem. We recognize that we have two basic classifications of athletes. They are either a pre-season athletes meaning they are preparing for the next sport season (spring) or off season athletes meaning their next sport is two or more seasons away. For example: athletes who play baseball, softball or lacrosse are considered pre-season athletes during the winter program, football, soccer and field hockey players who do not play a spring sport are considered off season athletes. Football, field hockey and soccer players are considered pre-season athletes during the spring and summer. Coach Miska has organized our strength and conditioning program along these lines in order to avoid conflicts and properly prepare the multi-sport athlete for their next competitive season.

Important facts about our plan for the Winter Strength and Conditioning program include:

  • Total workout time each day is approximately 75 minutes.

  • Program is designed for 3 days lifting per week.

  • The lifting sessions will be directed by a “lead strength coach” and supported by at least two additional fall or spring coaches.

  • Winter cycle is 10 weeks.

  • To train with free weights at NCHS an athlete must be registered for a specific lifting session.

Each lifting group will be supervised by three coaches from our staff. In order to provide an appropriate level of instruction and supervision we will be asking each student to pay $125 for the 10 week program. This fee will enable us to pay the coaches a minimal salary and assure we have all the necessary resources. Our coaching staff believes it is important that all NCHS athletes train together. The program we have developed will both improve strength and conditioning as well as avoiding conflicts for the multi-sport athlete.

Please remember this is not a mandatory program.



To register for our Winter Conditioning Program use the Winter Conditioning link and register for one of the sessions below:

  • You are a preseason athlete..you play lacrosse … sign up for Session 1

  • If you play baseball or a fall sport sign up for Session 2.

  • You are a freshman male athlete…. sign up for Session 3

  • All female athletes should sign up for Session 4


Session 1: Grade 10-12  Pre- Season Male Athletes  36 (max) M-W-F   2:30pm-3:45pm

Session 2: Grade 10-12 Off-Season Male Athletes  36 (max)   M-W-F   5:00pm-6:15pm

Session 3: All Grade 9 Male Athletes                                    T-TH     2:30pm-3:45pm   S-9:00-10:15am

Session 4: All Female Athletes                                             T-TH     5:00pm-6:15pm   S-10:30-11:45am

All Winter Sport Athletes                                                      M-F      3:45-5:00pm


We reserve the right to adjust your group based on enrollment