Everton America is a premier youth soccer club based in Norwalk CT. Our club offers expert soccer coaching for boys and girls from 6 to 18 years. Everton America is the exclusive U.S. affiliate of Everton Football Club of the English Premier League.


Youth Academy Calendar - 2011/2012 (U9-U12 Players)


Spring 2012*                                

Fri April 13th            Norwalk Academy                                    Weekend 1
Sat April 14th          Norwalk Academy
Sat April 14th          Sportszone Academy
Sat April 14th          Goalkeeper Academy

Fri April 20th            Norwalk Academy                                     Weekend 2
Sat April 21st           Norwalk Academy
Sat April 21st           Sportszone Academy
Sat April 21st           Goalkeeper Academy

Fri April 27th             Norwalk Academy                                    Weekend 3
Sat April 28th           Norwalk Academy
Sat April 28th           Sportszone Academy
Sat April 28th           Goalkeeper Academy

Fri May 4th               Norwalk Academy                                    Weekend 4
Sat May 5th              Norwalk Academy
Sat May 5th              Sportszone Academy
Sat May 5th              Goalkeeper Academy

Fri May 11th              Norwalk Academy                                   Weekend 5
Sat May 12th            Norwalk Academy
Sat May 13th            Sportszone Academy
Sat May 13th            Goalkeeper Academy

Fri May 18th              Norwalk Academy                                    Weekend 6
Sat May 19th             Norwalk Academy
Sat May 19th             Sportszone Academy
Sat May 19th             Goalkeeper Academy

Fri May 25th              NO NORWALK ACADEMY                      MEMORIAL DAY
Sat May 26th             NO NORWALK ACADEMY
Sat May 26th             NO SPORTSZONE ACADEMY
Sat May 26th             NO GOALKEEPER ACADEMY

Fri June 1st                Norwalk Academy                                    Weekend 7
Sat June 2nd             Norwalk Academy
Sat June 2nd             Sportszone Academy
Sat June 2nd             Goalkeeper Academy

Fri June 8th                Norwalk Academy                                    Weekend 8
Sat June 9th               Norwalk Academy
Sat June 9th               Sportszone Academy
Sat June 9th               Goalkeeper Academy

*Calendar is weather permitting & subject to change, check with your coach and the website for updates.

All Saturday Trumbull practices 9am-10.30am (BOYS) & 10.30am-12pm (GIRLS)

All Friday Norwalk practices 4:30pm-6:00pm.

All Saturday Norwalk practices 9:00am-10:30am

 Junior Academy Calendar - 2011/2012 (U6-U8 Players)

Spring 2012*

Fri April 13th               Junior Academy                    Weekend 1

Fri April 20th               Junior Academy                    Weekend 2
Fri April 27th               Junior Academy                    Weekend 3

Fri May 4th                  Junior Academy                    Weekend 4

Fri May 11th                Junior Academy                    Weekend 5

Fri May 18th                Junior Academy                     Weekend 6

Fri May 25th                NO JUNIOR ACADEMY         MEMORIAL DAY

Fri June 1st                 Junior Academy                      Weekend 7

Fri June 8th                 Junior Academy                      Weekend 8

* All Friday Junior Academy practices will be 4:30pm-6:00pm. Calendar is weather permitting & subject to change, check with your coach and the website for updates.

Winter 2012*                                
Sat January 7th             Trumbull Sportszone                                     Weekend 1
Sun Januray 8th            NO NORWALK ACADEMY

Sat January 14th           Trumbull Sportszone                                     Weekend 2
Sun January 15th          Norwalk Academy 

Sat January 21st           Trumbull Sportszone - POSTPONED               Weekend 3
Sun January 22nd         Norwalk Academy

Sat January 28th           Trumbull Sportszone                                      Weekend 4
Sun January 29th          NO NORWALK ACADEMY

Sat February 4th           Trumbull Sportszone                                      Weekend 5
Sun February 5th          Norwalk Academy

Sat February 11th         Trumbull Sportszone                                      Weekend 6
Sun February 12th        Norwalk Academy

Sat February 18th         Trumbull Sportszone                                      Weekend 7
Sun February 19th        Norwalk Academy

Sat February 25th         Trumbull Sportszone                                      Weekend 8
Sun February 26th        Norwalk Academy

Sat March 3rd                NO TRUMBULL SPORTSZONE                      Weekend 9
Sun March 4th               Norwalk Academy

Fri March 9th                 Everton Showcase
Sat March 10th             Trumbull Sportszone Make Up Session          Weekend 10
Sun March 11th             NO Norwalk Academy

*Calendar is weather permitting & subject to change, check with your coach and the website for updates.

All Saturday Trumbull practices 9am-10.30am (BOYS) & 10.30am-12pm (GIRLS). 

All Sunday Norwalk practices 9am-6pm (see below for group times).

10.30am-12.00pm        - Boys U9/U10
12.00pm-1.30pm          - Boys U11/U12
1.30pm-3.00pm            - Girls U9/U10
3.00pm-4.30pm            - Girls U11/U12
4.30pm-6.00pm            - EACT Training Group


 Junior Academy Calendar - 2011/2012 (U6-U8 Players)

Winter 2012*

Sun January 8th           NJUNIOR ACADEMY

Sun January 15th         Norwalk Academy                                         Weekend 1

Sun January 22nd         Norwalk Academy                                        Weekend 2
Sun January 29th         NO JUNIOR ACADEMY

Sun February 5th          Norwalk Academy                                         Weekend 3

Sun February 12th        Norwalk Academy                                         Weekend 4

Sun February 19th        Norwalk Academy                                         Weekend 5

Sun February 26th        Norwalk Academy                                         Weekend 6

Sun March 4th               Norwalk Academy                                         Weekend 7

Sun March 11th             Norwalk Academy                                         Weekend 8

* All Sunday Junior Academy practices will be 9am-10.30am. Calendar is weather permitting & subject to change, check with your coach and the website for updates.