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Storage Shed Safety

The following applies to all of the storage sheds used by Fairfax Little League and apply to anyone who has been issued a key by Fairfax Little League to use those sheds.
  • All individuals with keys to the Fairfax Little League equipment sheds (i.e., Managers, Umpires, etc.) are aware of their responsibilities for the orderly and safe storage of rakes, shovels, bases, etc. 
  • Before you use any machinery located in the shed (i.e., lawn mowers, weed whackers, lights, scoreboards, public address systems, etc.) please locate and read the written operating procedures for that equipment.
  • All chemicals or organic materials stored in Fairfax Little League sheds shall be properly marked and labeled as to its contents.
  • All chemicals or organic materials (i.e., lime, fertilizer, etc.) stored within these equipment sheds will be separated from the areas used to store machinery and gardening equipment (i.e., rakes, shovels, etc.) to minimize the risk of puncturing storage containers.

Any witnessed "loose" chemicals or organic materials within these sheds should be cleaned up and disposed of as soon possible to prevent accidental poisoning.