Kids coaching kids for over 60 years: in Fairfax County, Virginia

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Safety Committee

In 1999, Fairfax Little League formally created the Safety Committee. This committee has the primary responsibility to consider, discuss, and recommend courses of action regarding any safety issues that may present itself to the League. This committee meets to assist  the Director of Safety and to prepare the first draft of the League's Safety Plan to be distributed to the Board for comment. The Safety Committee consists of the Director of Safety (chairman), the American League President and the National League President, Chief Umpire - Training, Director of Facilities, and Director of Fields and Grounds.






Rules Committee

This committee, consisting of the Chairman of the Board of Directors, both League Presidents (American and National), the Chief Umpire Rules and the Chief Umpire Training, is responsible for drafting any proposed new or modified Local Rules for Fairfax Little League. Areas such as competitive balance, player participation, speed of play, and safety are discussed and any changes or additions are presented to the Board for discussion and/or ratification. Each and every year, this committee evaluates existing Local Rules and considers any necessary changes and/or additions to these rules.