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Director of Safety

One of the elected members on the Fairfax Little League Board of Directors is the Director of Safety. This individual, acts as Fairfax Little League's primary point of contact for the creation and enactment of the Safety Plan. The Director of Safety authors or modifies the League's Safety Plan, Code of Conduct, Safety Code, and Safety Manual each year, as necessary. These documents are then presented to the Board for approval and ratification (usually in February or March) for the upcoming season. The ultimate responsibility for ensuring compliance of the Safety Plan lies with the Director of Safety. Because of the size of Fairfax Little League, and to provide more width to the enforcement of the plan, the following individuals are tasked with ensuring the overall Safety Plan compliance with respect to the level-of-play specified below:



American League Majors American League President
American League Minors* American League Director of Minors
National League Majors National League President
National League Minors* National League Director of Minors
T-Ball Director of T-Ball
Challenger Director of Challenger Play
Juniors Director of Junior Operations
T.A.D. (Fall Ball) Director of T.A.D