Kids coaching kids for over 60 years: in Fairfax County, Virginia

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What is ASAP?

In 1995, ASAP (A Safety Awareness Program) was introduced with the goal of reemphasizing the position of Safety Officer "to create awareness, through education and information, of the opportunities to provide a safer environment for kids and all participants of Little League Baseball". In order to be an ASAP-compliant league, a Little League approved Safety Plan must be filed with Williamsport.

Fairfax Little League Safety Plan

The goal of the Safety Plan is to develop guidelines for increasing the safety of activities, equipment, and facilities through education, compliance and reporting. In support of the attainment of this goal, Fairfax Little League also commits itself to providing the necessary organizational structure to develop, monitor, and enforce the aspects of the plan.

The Safety Plan, by reference, includes the Fairfax Little League's Safety Code, the Fairfax Little League's Code of Conduct, and the Fairfax Little League's Safety Manual. The combination of these documents outlines specific safety issues and the Fairfax Little League's policy or procedure for each issue. All participants, volunteers, employees, spectators, and guests are bound by the guidelines set forth in these documents.