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Athletic Trainer Information

Training Room :

The training room is staffed by a certified Athletic Trainer who offers professional attention to the athletic health care needs of student-athletes. Medical services available to the student-athlete are assessment, care, rehabilitation of athletic injuries, strengthening and flexibility programs
The training room is located in between the Peter Deane Fitness Center and the Wrestling Room downstairs across from the boys and girls locker rooms. Hours of operation are listed below.


All injuries should be reported to the Certified Athletic Trainer or School Nurse by the athlete and an Accident Report must be completed with the Certified Athletic Trainer. Insurance forms will be mailed to the athlete's home address only after the Accident Report has been properly filed and recorded by the Nurses office and the Main Office. The parent and/or guardian will provide the appropriate information on the insurance form and return it to the Main Office at the high school. Accident reports must be filled out in a timely fashion and will not be backdated.

Injury Report Procedure:

Injury Report Procedure:
All injuries must be reported to the Certified Athletic Trainer by the athlete. An Accident Report Form will be completed by the Certified Athletic Trainer. If medical evaluation is recommended, a physician should be consulted. A Participation Information Form (PIF) will be issued by the Certified Athletic Trainer when it is deemed necessary for an athlete to be restricted or removed from athletic participation. The athlete's physician or the Certified Athletic Trainer will make this decision. The athletes must present the PIF to the coach. Failure to follow this protocol may result in suspension from the team.

Head Injuries: Concussion
New Canaan High School follows the guidelines set forth by Connecticut's Public Act 10-62, " An Act Concerning Student Athletes and Concussion".
It is our policy that athletes who sustain a concussion, regardless of how minor, must be excluded from participation in athletics (practice or play) until he/she is evaluated by a physician.

Return to Play Guidelines for Post-Concussion Athletes:

Athlete must submit a written note from the physician stating the following; diagnosis, restrictions or clearance for return to activity.
  • Athlete must be symptom free for a minimum of 7 days or more. This may vary due to individual circumstances.
  • Under supervision, the athlete will be given a provocation test which will include, jogging, pushups, sit ups and squat thrusts.
  • The athlete must be symptom free during the test. If symptoms develop, the test will be stopped.
  • The athlete will repeat the test in one (1) week. Absence from sports for a prolonged period of time will require the athlete to complete a conditioning program prior to returning to their sport.
  • The specifics of the conditioning program are dependent on the amount of missed sports participation. Specific sports training will progress from non-contact drills to full contact drills and then to game play. athletes must participate in full practices prior to returning to competition.

Return-to-Play: All Other Injuries
Athletes seen by a physician will be issued a PIF clearing them for participation upon the receipt of a physician's WRITTEN NOTE indicating the injured athlete is able to resume activity. Athletes who have missed practices will not return to competition the day of medical release. Athletes who have not participated in practices will be required to condition prior to return to activity.

Hours: Monday through Friday:

1pm- 2pm: Rehabilitation sessions by appointment
2 pm.-7 pm.: Pre-participation preparation, evaluations, therapy, Practice and game coverage.
Diane Murphy - ATC
Training Room: 594-4613