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What happens during Evaluations or Try-Outs?

Evaluations are held for players wishing to play in AA through Juniors.  Players should bring a glove and wear sneakers.  If you have their own bat and helmet, you can bring those also.  No cleats.

For AA-Majors, each of the three Leagues, American, Dominion, and National, hold evaluations (try-outs) for the draft in the spring season only. Juniors are combined across the Leagues and hold a separate evaluation session.  Depending on the age group, between 30 and 60 kids will move through two venues to demonstrate their skills to the Mangers and Coaches. Usually, a player gets five pitches for batting, three grounders to field and throw to another player, and three pop flies to field and throw to another player. Depending on time, the player may also do a timed run. All kids will move together through the skills. Managers need to see all the kids to rate them on their abilities in running, batting, fielding and throwing, so the groups remain together through all the stations. Every child is eligible for the draft and will be selected and placed on a team.

Over the next few weeks following evaluations, Managers use their evaluation notes combined with the players' statistics from previous seasons to conduct the drafts. Majors Managers select players first, then AAA, then AA. Juniors conduct a separate draft.

  • Junior Division – Consists primarily of 13 and 14 year olds that move to a 90 foot field, the same as high school, college, and professional baseball. Once selected to a Junior team, players remain with the team through age 14.

  • The Major League -- Consists primarily of skilled and experienced 10 to 12 year olds. Once selected to a Major team, players remain with the team through age 12.

  • AAA Minors -- Consists primarily of 8 to 11 year olds who have not yet attained the experience or skill to participate in the Major League. 12 year olds may play in AAA minors with a league waiver (contact your league’s player agent for information).

  • AA Minors -- Consists primarily of 7 to 9 year olds who hit a ball pitched by another player. This level emphasizes batting and fielding.

In the Minor Leagues, all players enter the draft each year, so team members change from year to year. At the completion of the process, Team Managers notify parents and players.

Player Agents for each League serve as a resource for parents with questions and/or concerns about the process and/or the placement level for their child.  Please see the Board of Directors page for the current player agents.