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What's the difference between American and National Leagues?

Fairfax Little League is composed of two separately chartered leagues -- American and National Leagues with each containing eight divisions -- Big, Seniors, Juniors, Intermediate, Majors, Minors, Tee-Ball, and Challenger Divisions.   The two Leagues work together under a single
Board of Directors to provide the best experience possible for your players.

However, each of the two leagues has it own separate League Committee consisting of the following Board positions:

- President
- Player Agent
- Director of Minors
- Director of T-Ball/Single A
- Director of Sponsors

Each of the two leagues has it's own geographical boundaries which can be seen on the League Boundaires webpage.  When players sign up for Little League baseball they are assigned to one of the two Leagues based of their place of residence.  The exception is Fall Ball...the two leagues combine to form a single league.