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AAU Girls' Basketball
Eligibility to Play "Down" a Grade

AAU Girls’ Basketball have established an new amendment to its grade-based rules for forming teams.  For the 2013 season, certain players that are young for their grade are eligible to play in AAU sanctions tournaments in the grade below the grade they are currently attending in school.  
Born September 1 or Later and In Regular Grade Eligible to Play Down
The cut-off for this exception to “play down” is for players born on or after September 1 associated with their grade at school.   For instance, if your daughter is currently in 8th grade, but was born in September 1999 or later, she should be eligible to play in the 7th Grade Division for the 2013 season.  
See attached file for handout from the AAU Girls’ Basketball website about the new rule.  
Matrix Policy
The Matrix was the first grade-based AAU organization in the Potomac Valley (AAU used a calendar year cut-off for age groups for most of its history).   We believe that if a player is capable of playing on a Matrix team in her own grade, she should play in her own grade. 
As such, any player wanting to “play down” on a Matrix team must petition Club President Liz Reed to request to play down.  

 Last Updated:  January 22, 2013.