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Adair Hatch
2019 Green Team/4th Grade

Adair Hatch
2010-2011 Matrix 2019 White Head Coach
General Background.  Adair Hatch grew up in Louisiana for the first part of her life and then moved to Kansas City, Missouri. She lived in Missouri from middle school until the first year of college. After her first year of college at Penn Valley, she moved to Virginia and finished college at George Mason University.
Adair has played competitive basketball for over 13 years. She started playing when she entered middle school and continued playing all through high school and her first year of college. At George Mason University, she was the basketball manager for the Lady Patriots. Adair still actively plays basketball on a competitive level in seasonal leagues.
Coaching Experience.Adair has been involved with coaching for 10 years. In the summer months of her high school career, she coached basketball camps with girls ages 10-15 in a program offered by her high school, North Kansas City High School. While in Virginia, Adair was a personal trainer and in the summer she coached summer basketball camps for players in a program offered by Lifetime Fitness.
From there, she ended up taking a job at Just Fitness for Kids where she was a personal trainer for kids of ages 5 – 18. At Just Fitness for Kids, she led an elite athletic sports camp where she worked with athletes to keep them in shape. She worked on improving their speed and agility by putting the athletes through intense workouts and designing one on one specialized programs for each athlete in order to work on their weak areas and their strengths. She has also coached a swimming team and was in charge of a program offered to Junior Olympian swimmers.
Coaching Philosophy.  Coach Adair believes that the first step in developing a successful team is to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each player. She believes that as a coach, you must adapt to your players and learn what works best for them not only as individual players but also as a team.
Coach Adair also believes that the most important aspect of playing basketball or any sport is to have a winning mentality. She believes you can have a team made up of the best athletes in the world, but if they do not believe in their skills and that they can play as well as any other team, then they will be a detriment to themselves.
Adair believes it is the job of the coach to teach players to have that winning mentality. She believes once you do that, then and only then, can you begin to teach them about the fundamentals of the game, such as, offense and defense.  She also stresses that players need to give 100% in practice in order to improve and they should also give 100% in games and leave everything on the court.
Coach Adair encourages open communication between herself and players because she believes that a coach must be willing to learn from the players as well in order to be successful. However, she believes none of this is possible without the right mentality.

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