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Advanced Players



The term “advanced” is speaking in relative terms. For the sake of this discussion advanced simply refers to a young athlete who has been playing lacrosse for a few years and has the basic fundamentals down pat.
If a player is fundamentally strong at all the basics, then it is time to move on to some more advanced skills and tips to become a more well-rounded lacrosse player for high levels of competition. However, it is revealing to note that if a player were to just become great at all the basic level fundamentals, then he would enjoy a great deal of success in lacrosse. You do not have to do anything fancy to be a great lacrosse player. If you are a good athlete who can run up and down the field, throw, catch, scoop and shoot, then you are going to be a very valuable asset to your team.

With that being said, just as with any other sport or skill, you can always work hard and keep getting better. The tips and drills within the link below are for players looking to take their game to that next level. 



            Click on the attached link for specific skill and team building techniques for advanced players.