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Division 1 Standings

Division 2 Standings

Division 3 standings

Please see your team pages for Schedules and Brackets

In the case of Tie Breakers:
When there is a multiple team tie we have to break the tie using the highest level tie-breaker (TB)  that applies to ALL teams.  The first TB is Head to Head (H2H).  This tie breaker can only be applied IF all teams played each other AND there is a clear winner ie: 1 team beat all other teams in the tie.

The second TB is Conference Record (CR).  This is the number of W/L in conference. 

The 3rd TB is Points Allowed versus common opponents.

When there are multiple teams involved in a tie we have to make several passes through the TB’s eliminating teams from the tie by applying the highest level TB that Applies to ALL teams involved.

So on the first pass in a 5 way tie we may be able to break the tie using CR to split it into 2 ties of 3 teams and 2 teams then we may be able to go back to H2H or we may have to go to PA v Common.  Please read the notes carefully.  If you have questions you need to contact YOUR AREA DIRECTOR.  All areas have ‘signed off’ on the standings as posted.

IF your team beat another team H2H in a multiple team tie PLEASE READ the Explanations  CAREFULLY.

Please see the JMFA Rules Section 17 for more detailed rules regarding Post-Season Seeding