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Medway Youth Lacrosse Boys Select Program

Frequently Asked Questions


Medway Youth Lacrosse Select Program offers boys an opportunity to enhance their love for the game and improve their lacrosse skills through competitive games versus the best players from surrounding towns.  Depending on interest there will be a U13 (grade 5 and 6) and a U15 (grade 7 and 8) team.  MYL Boys Select Teams play in the MBYLL Select League.  This is a complimentary program to our standard Mass Bay Youth Lacrosse League (MBYLL). 

Q:  What is the time commitment?

A:  Select players will typically have at least one additional practice and game per week - usually on a weekday night - with no games or practices on Sundays.  At the end of the season there will be a playoff tournament. 
Q:  What are the requirements for playing?

A:  Select players are required to participate in the town’s MBYLL program.  All boys who are a part of our standard MBYLL program are eligible, though not guaranteed, for participation in the select program.  All select players must have an intermediate or higher level of playing ability for their age group. 

Q:  How do I register my boy for the program?

A:  Boys MUST register on line at www.medwaylax.com under the “Online Registration” tab to be considered for a select team.  There is no cost to register.  By registering your child is showing interest in participating on a select team.  It is not a guarantee that they will be selected. 

Q:  How will the team be selected?

A: The team will be selected based on coaches input and if necessary try outs.  While we dislike “cutting” players there are limits based upon the requirements listed above. The program therefore reserves the right to "cut" or otherwise limit the number of players on a team.

Q:  How will playing time be determined?

A: Playing time will be decided by the coaches.  There most likely will be unequal playing time.
Q:  What about playing other spring sports?
A:  Boys are free to play in any other activity they choose. We understand that not everyone will be able to make every practice and game, but there is an understanding that for players on the select team, lacrosse will be a priority on conflicting spring sports schedules.

Q:  What will the program cost

A:  Registration for 2022 Select Season is TBD but expected to be between $150-$180 to cover team and league fees.