We provide a positive environment for all children in East Lyme and Salem, CT, looking to play and enjoy the game of soccer.

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Player Evaluation information:

Player evaluations are mandatory for ALL PLAYERS who register to play Travel Soccer in the fall of 2018. There are no evaluations for players in kindergarten through 2nd grade, with the exception of players who are 3rd grade eligible or have a 2010 birthdate. Evaluations will be held at the East Lyme Middle School  the evenings of May 1, 2018 (Tuesday) and May 2, 2018 (Wednesday). A rain date of May 3, 2018 is scheduled if needed. The times are as follows...

U9-U10 5:00pm- 6:00pm

U11-U12 6:00pm- 7:00pm

U13-U14 7:00pm- 8:00pm


Plan on attending one session during the appropriate age level indicated. Players should not need to be there the full hour(lines pending), but all 4 drills must be completed before leaving on the day you attend.

Please see below for details.

General Information

All teams are considered travel teams in East Lyme.  Player evaluations are used to provide the proper balance of capabilities across all teams between the U9-U14 Classic and RecPlus divisions.  All players interested in playing soccer in the fall will be placed on a team.

*Players who are considered for a Classic team must (1) attend one of the initial player evaluations; (2) be invited to the call-backs for the Classic team; and (3) attend the call-backs. The call-backs will be held before end of June. The call-back results and the player reviews from their previous year coaches will determine which players are assigned to the Classic team in each division. The Boys and Girls Coordinators are responsible for determining how many players will be invited to the call-backs and the number of Classic teams to be formed in each age group. Invitations to the call-backs will be issued by the Boys and Girls coordinators after the initial evaluation but before the call-backs are held in June.

Players who participate in the evaluation process and are not among the group who are called back to attend the next level or final classic team evaluation, will automatically be assigned to a Recreational Plus team. If you receive the invite, it is your right not to accept the invitation to the classic team evaluation process. In this event your player will be automatically placed on our waitlist, and assigned to a Recreational Plus team.

The player evaluations will be held at East Lyme Middle School Field using the following schedule:

U-9 & U-10 (Players with Birth Year of 2009 & 2010)-

May 1st or 2nd- 5:00pm to 6:00pm

U-11 & U-12 (Players with Birth Year of 2008 & 2007)

May 1st or 2nd- 6:00pm to 7:00pm

U-13 & U-14 (Players with Birth Year of 2006 & 200)

May 1st or 2nd- 5:00pm to 7:00pm


Evaluation format

Evaluations will focus on at least 4 basic skills: running speed, dribbling, passing accuracy under pressure and ability to receive a pass (also known as "first touch".  For each skill, the scores will be purely quantitative with no personal judgement from the adjudicators. The skill tests are based on a much more extensive system used by Anson Dorrance, head coach of the Univ. of Carolina Women's Soccer Team. Specifically (click on the skills to see how they are set up and run):


Running Speed

How fast can they run a shuttle run? To practice for this, run sprints without a ball.


How fast can they dribble through a zig-zag course? To practice for this, run around dribbling a ball changing directions.

Passing Accuracy

How many balls can they pass with each foot through one of two gates in a minute.  To practice for this, kick a ball at targets in your yard.

Small Sided Grid

How is the ball is received, how is the ball is passed to a teammate on the move, how does the player moves off the ball and defensive positioning. This will be a 3v3 or 4v4 scrimmage situation during evaluations.


Through Board and Member feedback, we relook at the skills preformed each year. This year we as a Board voted to remove the "kick wall" drill and have added the Small Sided Grid play opportunity. This particular skill addition will take up to 10-12 minutes to complete.   However, as a result of this quantitative method for testing skills, it should not take a player the entire hour to complete.  This means a player does not have to arrive at the start time for their group, nor will they be kept there the entire hour. There is no order to complete the drills(look for the shorter lines if desired).


For more information, contact Kristina Bartelt (ELSA President), me2ma2ct@aol.com, Nick Thomson (Girls Coordinator), nickthomson72@gmail.com or Brian Checkal (Boys Coordinator), Brian.p.checkal@gmail.com