Sunday Night Adult Development | Newark Ice Hockey Association
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18 years old and up only


The Sunday night instructional scrimmage is intended for beginner and developing adult players. It is typical to have players both male and female participating from an intermediate to pure beginners level.

The program is split into two basic halves. One part is dedicated to instruction from the coaches followed by drills, concentrating on strategy and position. The other half is scrimmage full ice, while coaches skate along and help guide play. It is of great value particularly to newer players!

This would be your first stop as a new player. It is an inexpensive pay per night program and requires no long term financial commitment.

 A new skater will learn the basics in this program all while getting the all important time on the ice to further your skating capability. 

 Great exposure in a learning environment for an introdution to:

                                 - RULES    
                                 - STRATEGY 
                                 - SKATING TECHNIQUE
                                 - POSITION DUTIES
                                 - MENTORING FROM OTHER PLAYERS

   *If you have never played organized hockey and have limited skating experience, this is the program to participate in.

Have questions? Visit the FAQ section under the beginners tab. Or feel free to contact NIHA and we will be glad to speak with you one on one.