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Equipment for Players:
 Basics about: Boys & Girls Equipment
Equipment can be purchased at:

Sling It Lacrosse in Belmont, Goetz Brothers in San Carlos as well as other on-line retailers.  
Sling It! in Belmont offers - Boys & Girls Starter Packages

Boys 8U - 14U
Mouth guard
Helmet (White is fine – can customize with MA Grizzlie stickers)
Shoulder pads
Elbow Pads
Protective athletic cup

Cool new product that you can use to absorb the moisture in your players helmet, gloves etc called Stuffits that are sold at Goetz Brothers and are great to keep the gear dry  in those gear bags.
Girls 8U - 14U
Girls Stick
Mouth Guard

Griz Kids
Mouth Guard
Stick – Shorter sticks - like Fiddle stick or cut down regular stick, you also can put standard head on a mini stick
Gloves - optional