We are a non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to teaching boys and girls the sport of lacrosse. We facilitate opportunities for them to participate in local sporting events, competitions and programs that are positive and developmental.

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‘Carry In/Carry Out’ at Town Parks and Fields
Hamilton and Wenham Boards of Selectmen and DPWs are continuing the pilot program of “Carry-In, Carry-Out” begun last fall. Keeping our community’s open spaces and athletic fields clean is a healthy, environmentally and economically smart plan. Please join in the effort to keep Hamilton and Wenham parks and playing fields clean, safe, comfortable, and inviting for all.
Residents and visitors are asked to remove all items that they bring with them and are encouraged to recycle at home. For this program to succeed, the cooperation of all coaches, parents, and players is essential. Children will need extra help and encouragement in learning how to care for their parks and fields.
Thank you for your help and cooperation!
For further information on this pilot program, please contact Zach Bensley at Sue Patrolia at .