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Practices and Locations:
We will be holding 12-14 practices that will start in May.  Location and Dates/Times will be announced sometime in March/April.  These practices will be in the evenings during the week.  We typically alternate practices between the Devon/King of Prussia and West Chester areas.  Practices are twice a week from 6:00-8:00pm unless otherwise announced.
Club Dues:  
Our club dues are right in line with the area clubs. There are many items that go in to these fees. There are NO additional fees after these are paid. We break them down in to (3) payments for new players and (2) payments for returning players.
Dues include all practices, tournaments, coaches, field rentals, equipment, etc. You will not be asked for any other payments through out the summer season.
*********For more Club Information, please visit our Overview Page*********

What separates Envy and other premiere club teams?
Envy Answer…Our training, coaches, curriculum, and attention to each player.
Do I have to tryout for an Envy Team?
Envy Answer… All athletes MUST try out even if you played for Envy in prior seasons. We host team tryouts early fall. If for some reason you have a prior engagement, please contact us. We will work together to find a time for you to try out.
Are the events mandatory?
Envy Answer…Each player is expected to attend all tournaments. Appropriate notification to your coach will exempt you from a possible fine of $50 and chance of losing your spot on the team. Certain exceptions will be made for extreme circumstances.
How does Envy Lacrosse communicate with the members?
Envy Answer…We will post as much organization/team information on our website as possible. However, we rely heavily on email to communicate last minute adjustments and announcements.

How many teams do you have at each level?
Envy Answer... In the past we have had two teams at many of the age groups.  The number of girls that try out, skill level and commitment level all determine how many teams we will have each year.
How are the teams divided for the tournaments?
Envy Answer…Prior to the first tournament teams are split, if not sooner.  Coaches evaluate each talent pool and determine the top players for each team.  Teams will be split into a more "Advanced Team" and a more "Developmental Team".  However, the  split is also based on the following criteria:

  • Attitude
  • Athleticism & potential
  • Lacrosse field sense
  • Work ethic & persistence
  • Coach ability & ability to execute direction
  • Commitment
  • Skill - ball handling, etc.

Do I have to pay additional fees?
Envy Answer…Yes. You are responsible for all travel and hotel fees. We have tried to schedule convenient 1 day local tournaments to help with costs. However, other tournaments may require additional travel and hotel fees. More information will be communicated as we secure tournament commitments.
Are there any scholarship opportunities?
Envy Answer…Yes. Please contact Mary Fran Riffel or Kim Wenger for further details.
What if I want MORE Envy Lacrosse opportunities? More help?
Envy Answer…Please contact Mary Fran Riffel or Kim Wenger they  will provide you with the appropriate help.
Please contact us if you have additional questions. If it is playing time issue, first please have your daughter ask her coach what SHE can do to get better. We would like to teach our girls to be independent and learn how to handle these situations as this is the way it will be when they move up to the high school and HOPEFULLY collegiate play as well as the working world!