Sponsored By:   Skip Marini
Yorktown Heights, NY
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Dear YAC Golf Parents and Players,

Thank you for joining Yorktown Athletic Club Golf as we swing into our new season with you and more than 70 other great golfers of tomorrow.  Our season starts with our first session on Tuesday April 28th, 2020.  If your child is registered for the twi-light division then you will be receiving a follow-up email containing your childs tee time.

Once again, we are fortunate to have the best regional youth instruction available, thanks to Mohansic Golf Course’s Assistant Pro Skip Marini and Head Pro Max Galloway. Supporting them on special occasions are members of Yorktown High School’s Varsity Golf team.
Please carefully note the following key points to ensure a rich and rewarding experience for you and your family.

  • Please drop off your golfer On Time at the Mohansic Chipping Green (6U and 9U Parents are required to stay for the duration of the session for safety and bathroom issues)‚Äč
  • Cancellations due to inclement weather will be announced at the "Rained Out?????" tab on the left side of the Golf page of www.yacsports.com
  • Please keep in mind that the weather at Mohansic can and usually is much different than where you live.  The golf course is located on a high level of land and the temperature and wind should always be a consideration when it comes to proper attire for your child.
  • Please also review and abide by the following website content you will find by clicking on the GOLF tab at www.yacsports.com and looking at left contents bar: Cancellation Policy; Golf Safety; Good Sportsmanship; Inclement Weather Policy; Safety & Security, Events Calendar
  • We respectfully request that you please help us maintain the best possible environment for all YAC adults and children by reviewing and adhering at all times to the YAC Good Sportsmanship Policy and the YAC Code of Conduct, both spelled out fully at YACSports.com. YAC strictly enforces these responsible guidelines and those who choose to ignore or violate them may be asked to leave a program, or YAC membership altogether, without a refund. 
  • Think of us as your personal caddies and feel free to contact either of us for any reason. Thanks for helping us continue to swing into action with the first golf program in YAC’s history



Maribeth Carey

(Cell) 703-362-5259

Honorary Commissioner
Bruce Apar

(Cell) 914-275-6887

Mohansic Assistant Golf Professional
Skip Marini

(Cell) 914-906-1423
(Website) www.skipmarinigolf.com