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15 Matrix Players Earn FCYBL All-League Honors
Two Players Win MVP; Two Coaches Win MVC

All-League Players
The Matrix would like to congratulate the following 15 players, including two Most Valuable Players, that earned FCYBL all-league honors for the 2009-2010 season:

FCYBL Division Player Name MVP FCYBL Team Matrix Team
10-Under, Division 1 Kelsey Dunn   McLean 10U Green
10-Under, Division 1 Kenya Bliss   Falls Church 10U Black
10-Under, Division 1 Lyrin Hatcher   Arlington 10U Black
10-Under, Division 1 Shea Daly   McLean 10U Green
10-Under, Division 1 Vanessa Barlow   Falls Church 10U Black
10-Under, Division 2 Merrill Wheeler   Great Falls 10U White 
10-Under, Division 2 Rachel Dunie   Great Falls 10U White
10-Under, Division 2 Sarah Van Houten   Great Falls 10U Green
11-Under, Division 1 Alicia Gonzales MVP Arlington  11U Black
11-Under, Division 1 Maria Johnson   BRYC 11U Black 
11-Under, Division 2 Halle Duenkel   McLean 11U White
11-Under, Division 2 Katie Hedrick   McLean 11U White 
11-Under, Division 2 Sophie Banchoff   Arlington 11U Green
14-Under, Division 2 Amelia Doyle MVP Arlington 13U Green
14-Under, Division 2 Mel Becher   McLean 13U Black

Most Valuable Coaches
In addition, two Matrix coaches earned Most Valuable Coaches awards, as voted by their coaching peers:
  • Clay Buckley, McLean G10-1, Matrix 10U Green Team 
  • Jim Butler, McLean G11-1, Executive Director, Commissioner, 11U-13U Teams