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Matrix Tryouts
Special Announcements

Friday, February 12, 2010 at 3:00 PM



I wanted to update you on the status of our Matrix AAU tryouts this weekend to keep you informed, as I know there may be a lot of questions out there.


There is currently considerable uncertainty surrounding the use of Fairfax County gyms this weekend – some gyms are, in fact, available and will be used for FCYBL county games this weekend. But, we likely will not have access to Fairfax County facilities for our tryouts.


Thankfully, Arlington County facilities are all open this weekend, and we still have access to those gyms. However, some FCYBL games may be rescheduled for Saturday night and Sunday morning, which would affect our tryout schedule for all age groups.


As of now, we are still waiting to hear more based on the FCYBL game reschedules before we can confirm our tryout times and locations, as the availability of our coaches and players depends on those game schedules. It is possible that we may not be able to schedule our tryouts to avoid all conflicts with county games, but we will do our best to avoid as much as possible. 


All the FCYBL game reschedules for this weekend – including Sunday - should be completed no later than 3pm on Saturday, so we will let you know by tomorrow afternoon, if not sooner, about the status of our tryouts. Please continue to check your e-mail and the Matrix website at for the latest.

We understand that it is very difficult on families to have such short notice for so many weekend activities. One might ask, why don't we simply postpone our tryouts for the following weekend? However, the scheduling over the next two weekends only gets more difficult because of more rescheduled games and the FCYBL playoffs, which is why we are working hard to try to get some of our tryouts in this weekend since we do have available gym space. 


We will keep you posted as soon as we hear more.  


Thanks very much for your patience and understanding.


Go Matrix!



Liz Reed

President, Matrix Basketball

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