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Canyon Creek LL and Safety


Canyon Creek Little League (CCLL) is dedicated to providing a safe and enjoyable baseball experience for our children. CCLL participates in Little League International's ASAP (A Safety Awareness Program) and has a certified safety plan on file with Little League International.

The safety of players and anyone that attends a Canyon Creek Little League event is top priority. It is important to understand that safety is "everyone's job". Prevention is the key to keeping accidents to a minimum.  Players should wear Little League-approved helmets and other equipment to keep them safe while playing. Read more...

Coaching Staff Safety Training

Every manager and coach is required to attend training and orientation sessions. This training includes detailed safety information. Coaching staffs and league officials are required to know and understand the Canyon Creek Little League Safety Plan and key elements of the ASAP program. Further, CCLL conducts background checks every season on every manager, coach and volunteer.

First Aid Kits

All volunteers are familiarized every year with basic first aid. Every field is issued a first aid kit. The first aid kit must be present at every game and practice.

Insurance for Injuries

CCLL maintains insurance for injuries. Incidents are historically tracked so that injury trends can be analyzed and preventative measures taken.

Codes of Conduct

Every member (including players) of Canyon Creek Little League must read and acknowledge Canyon Creek Little League's codes of conduct, which require among other things that all Little League participants be treated in a safe and respectful manner. In addition, managers and coaches are required to read and acknowledge the CCLL Manager and Coach Code of Conduct.

Ethics and Protest Resolution

Our League maintains an Ethics and Protest Committee. This committee considers the behavior of its members with a priority on the physical and emotional well-being of all participants as well as compliance with CCLL and Little League rules and regulations of play.

If any concern arises or you have suggestions, please contact CCLL's Board of Directors.

Contacts, Forms, and Handouts

This section contains contact points, forms and handouts for parents and all volunteers.


San Ramon Police  
 (925) 228-8282

San Ramon Fire/Paramedics
 (925) 838-6691

Canyon Creek  Safety Plan

The Canyon Creek Safety Manual contains important safety instructions and contact points
General Safety Information and Tips
Summary of important safety information and hints for parents, players, managers/coaches, and league officials
Heat and Humidity Danger
Detect and Prevent Heat Injuries - - How to recognize and treat heat injuries to keep your players safe.
Accident Claim Form
Use this Little League form to report any accident that requires a player to leave the playing field to seek medical attention.
Accident Claim Form Instructions
Little League baseball and softball accident claim form instructions
General Liability Claim Form
Little League form that contains information about insurance and coverage
What Parents Should Know About Little League Insurance This document provides instructions on how to complete the required Little League forms for Accidents or Injury.
Medical Release Form Little League baseball and softball medical release form - to be carried by any regular season and/or tournament manager together with the team roster and eligibility affidavit
Incident/Injury Tracking Report (League Use Only) The Injury Notification Form must be used to report ANY injury to a player where they are removed from the playing field.
Safety Information Descriptions

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