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Current and Former Players
that have Been Coached by Coach Fudd

I have been in a lot of different programs.  Before Katie's workouts, I was one of maybe 33 kids in a gym trying to work out.  It was so hard to work on things because of the clutter. Also the drills were one and done, because by the time you did the drill once we moved on to the next one.  At first I thought it was a joke when I only saw like nine people.  But I learned to excel more in smaller groups and learn so much more.  


I was able to do each drill numerous times with constructive criticism each time until whatever we were working on came naturally.  They would push me past times where I thought I could no longer push. Their drills are not only competitive but really work on the individual skills we wanted to improve on.


I am a two sport athlete in college.  The drills we did helped me so much; not only in basketball but on the soccer field as well. In the Game Time Skills (“GTS”) Program* I not only improved in all areas on the court but it made me feel at home. After working day in and day out with my team we grew so close. I would recommend this program for any athlete who wants to push themselves better and succeed at the college level.


Caroline Lalley

St. John’s College High School, 08

West Virginia WesleyanUniversity, 2012



I have trained with Katie Smrcka-Duffy Fudd and her trainers ever since I was ten years old. As a result, I feel uniquely qualified to discuss Katie's training program.


First off, Katie was a division one college basketball player. She understands what it takes for a player to achieve their ultimate goals. By combining individual training and team practices Katie allows the student to take what they have learned in the individual setting and apply it in a game situations.


Katie and her trainers work on all aspects of the game, including ball handling, shooting, offensive moves, defense, mental toughness and conditioning. Within the program you will not only become a better basketball player you will transfer most of the skills you learn into other aspects of your life. Things like time management, attention to details, and confidence.


Katie's training methods and coaching have allowed numerous athletes to have successful high school and college careers. I highly recommend Katie and her trainers as an individual trainers, coaches, mentors and friends to any athlete looking to improve their basketball skill set.


Mandy Johnston

Oakton High School, 2008

Shenandoah University, 2012



I have been playing basketball my whole life and I have never had a coach who has helped me more than Katie has.


Katie and her trainers focus not only on fundamentals but also on other aspects of the game that other coaches don’t, like conditioning and strength. Katie's teams are always successful because she demands respect and she knows each player inside and out.


I can’t count the amount of times that I was struggling with my game and she and her trainers knew exactly what needed to be fixed and helped me work on it the rest of that training session. She worked every aspect of my game to a point where I was the best player I could have been.

Katie and her trainers also have a great attitude towards their players, other teams, and officials. They never raised her voice at us in a game (we just did pushups after, which helped us in the long run), never got a technical, and punished us when we disrespected the other team. Yes, they are tough and push you to your limit, but they are only doing it to help you get better.


The greatest thing I learned from them was my mental toughness which is so important to a player and has helped me so much in my college career. They got me to where I am today. You would be crazy not to play for their team!


Melissa Furr

Chantilly High School, 2008
Shepherd University, 2012
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The best thing about this program is that players will get out of it exactly what they put into it.


Players are exposed to college-level workouts both in and out of practice, workouts that dramatically increase overall athleticism and skill level. During practice, drills are always competitions. These competitions aren’t in place to determine who starts, or who gets playing time, but rather to push players to the max and ensure that they benefit from each drill.


Such an environment allows players to focus on individual development without comparing their own achievements to the relative successes and failures of teammates. Failure in practice is expected, even inevitable, since each drill produces only one winner.


At the same time, the knowledge that coaches and teammates aren’t judging the mistakes of others allows everyone to truly address their weaknesses.


This is the perfect program for players who want to take more control over their own individual development.  It provides each player with the opportunity to improve every aspect of her game, but leaves it up to the individual to take advantage of that opportunity.


Kendall Bianchi

Sidwell Friends School, 2011