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2009 Parent Survey Results:
88% Excellent/Above Average Player Experiences
Parental Praise for the Matrix Program

After the 2009 season, the Matrix surveyed its parents.  We had an 80% response rate to the survey and received overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Player Experience and Coaches' Performance
The ratings for player experience an coaches' performance in 2009 were as follows:
  • Player experience.  88% of responses scored their daughter's experience with the Matrix as either Excellent (56%) or Above Average; only one response our of 119 indicated their daughters's experience was less than Good.
  • Coach's performance.  79% of responses scored their daughter's coach's performance as either Excellent (55%) or Above Average, with < 5% of respondents rating the coach's performance as less than Good. 

Parental Praise for the Matrix Program
This is some of what parents of Matrix players said about the Matrix Program in their parent surveys:

Overall Team Experience

She enjoyed the experience immensely.


Completely positive.  Great educational experience, positive coaching, positive team experience, good perspective about winning v. losing. A real growth opportunity.


My daughter had a great time, really enjoyed the coach and her teammates!!  She never complained about going to practice or any games, which is great!


Both of my daughters played with the Matrix this past Spring.  They improved their overall basketball skills and enjoyed playing with their teams.


Great set of coaches, great group of parents.  It was our first year in the Matrix program and it was terrific.  Our daughter improved her skills and the coaches focused on the right things improving individual basketball skills and improving the play as a team


My daughter's overall experience this spring was very positive.  Pat and Jen are great coaches and all the girls greatly benefited from their collective efforts.  The girls improved significantly and they became close to one another as the season progressed.  Also, the team had a solid winning record and did very well at districts against some very difficult teams.


Coaches Michael Paul and Rich Boll facilitate a great team environment.  That goes a long way with any team and especially with teenage girls.  The girls had fun and played better as a team when doing so.  The families and fans were also very positive in their encouragement for each and every player on the team.


Playing on the 10-U White team stepped things up to a higher level for our daughter.  She loved the girls on the team and the coach did a terrific job offering good coaching advice and positive feedback.  As 11-year-olds, these girls are tough athletes and competitors, but still need the positive reinforcement and to know that they are contributing in a significant way to the team.  This season enabled our daughter the opportunity to grow more as an athlete and to gain greater confidence, while still having a good time.


My daughters overall experience was excellent. The coaches were so much fun and understanding to my daughter. She could talk to them as a friend, but at the same time they were coaches. They showed discipline to my daughter, that she should know when she plays a sport. The coaches Nick and Chris, taught my daughter many things, and helped her become a better basketball player. My daughter had a great time playing and meeting her new team. All the girls were very nice, and they all got along very well. Nick and Chris made great basketball coaches, and they let them play real basketball. Her overall experience was amazing, she had a great time.


Coaches Comments

Absolutely top notch. Great focus on education and helping each girl improve individually and as a team. Appropriate discipline at practices, ability to make hard work fun, making sure every player got a chance to play, great at communicating with parents, a completely positive experience.


They did a superb job and were really committed. More importantly, they are people of integrity and character.  They were more concerned with the individual girls' well being than winning (but still wanted to win).


Liz did a wonderful job with the girls, their overall skills, teamwork, and sportsmanship improved throughout the season.


We are very please that Mr. Paul and Mr. Boll are the Coaches for our Daughter.  They have excellent experience.  We are very happy the way our Daughter is playing, she learned a lot from them.


Pat was great with the girls and focused on all the right things - playing hard, learning new things and playing team basketball.  Great perspective.  Exactly what you would want for someone coaching 6th grade girls.  Jen was terrific as well.  Pat and Jen worked well as a team.


Coach Butler and Coach Buckley were great coaches! Our daughter grew to respect her coaches and learned how to be part of a team. She felt they were fair, honest, hardworking and fun! Our daughter really was happy and has commented several times this summer that she thought her AAU coaches were the best coaches she has ever had!


Our daughter's basketball skills increased as a member of the Matrix team.  I noticed at practices I attended the coaches would take time to give individual 'coaching' to individual members of the team as warranted.  The emphasis on teamwork and the leadership provided by the coaches were a good learning experience for our daughter.  The organization and communication to parents and players made it an enjoyable experience.  We never had to ask anything about what was going on.



Club Comments

Highly organized. Each team had what they needed all season long. Communication was clear, and every question answered quickly.


Liz Reed and both Pat and Jen did a fine job communicating with parents during the season about Matrix events and tournaments.  Pat and Jen thoroughly and fairly answered parents' questions about their daughters' strengths and weaknesses, improvements and playing time.


Since most of the communication came through the coaches, we gave them more kudos... but I don't think we lacked anything.


Matrix is a well run organization, completely focused on great support and training for athletes. Great job!