Glastonbury Hartwell Soccer Club GHSC Recreation and Travel Soccer

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The Equipment Manager will be responsible for the stewardship of the club’s soccer equipment. This would include all club-owned  soccer equipment (balls, nets,  bags)  and field equipment on fields and facilities used by Recreational and Travel soccer programs, summer and winter clinic offerings  and technical training. 

Key Responsibilities 
• Complete annual comprehensive inventory of the  club’s equipment by
the end of July.
•  Determine new equipment requirements for the coming season. Liaise with the  club’s Training Administrator and Program Directors  regarding their equipment requirements.
• Oversee deliveries of all shipments of new equipment to verify quantities and quality and supervision of unpacking and storage
• Prepare and maintain  detailed records regarding quantities and condition of soccer field equipment.  Field equipment include such items as first aid kits, nets, goals, stakes,   This needs to done on an on-going basis
before, during and after the fall and spring seasons.
• Ensure all equipment is  properly maintained throughout the fall and spring seasons. The incumbent would  need to take appropriate action in the case of lost or damaged equipment.
• Assist Club Programs with the preparation of coach equipment bags with balls, cones, et al in  preparation for the spring and summer seasons. These bags would need to be collected, emptied and stored in the Hartwell storage
facilities at end of the  season.
• Identify and respond to unsafe field conditions due to nets/goals and ensure appropriate replacements/repairs
• Work with Treasurer/ Procurement  function  to procure all equipment and ensure that all funds spent on  soccer equipment are authorized and accounted for with receipts.