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To:      SLL Community
Date:  Fall 2010

On behalf of the  Simsbury Little League  Board of Directors and the 805 children who play in our baseball, softball and challenger leagues, I would like to thank all those families who took the time to complete our 2010 Spring Survey.  I am very proud to report that we had 171 responses representing approximately 26% of our registered families.  A much better response than any of us ever envisioned.

Last November, when I was elected President of SLL, I made a promise to myself and to our Board that I would work as hard as I could to enhance as many aspects of SLL as possible.  It was my personal goal to improve upon a Little League organization that already had one of the best reputations in the Eastern Region.  Obviously, this goal is no small task!  The results of this survey not only provided us with outstanding feedback of areas where we, as an organization, are doing a good job, but will also allow me and our Board of Directors to focus on those areas where you believe we can improve.

In summary, the results of this survey included over 100 pages of comments, constructive feedback, and areas for improvement.  I’ve read and re-read all the specific comments, and I am pleased with the overall results.  The survey results have been condensed into the following five categories:
1.      Program, Facilities & Equipment
2.      Child’s Experience
3.      Coaches
4.      Fundraising
5.      General Comments
The attached chart (2 pages) summarizes each of these categories by the satisfaction ratings, areas of HIGH ratings and areas that need FOCUS. 
Although we would all like to be able to tackle every suggested area for improvement, I also understand that trying to do so, is simply not realistic.  Over the next few months I am committed to working with the entire SLL Board of Directors to determine which tasks we can improve and/or implement for the Spring 2011 season.  We will look at our resources and volunteers to determine what areas we can best work on while continuing to foster/enhance those areas where you believe we are doing a good job.

Thank you again for your continued support.

Mike Sinacori

SLL President

Simsbury Little League Survey.docx
Simsbury Little League Survey.pdf